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Remove medic pings from APD medic slot


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APD officers should not be racing AFD medics to revive requests.
Prior to the introduction of the Fire & Medic service, it was nice for honest civilians to maybe pick up a revive from a bored Corporal, but now it's poor game design.

I could argue that the medic slots could be replaced or re-focused to leave more general First Aid to the actual medic faction, but the cops need guaranteed medic assistance.

fuck you @Beifang Minglol

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19 hours ago, Kernikov said:

And yet each one of you is whitelisted as a medic, curious.

As Active Chief of EMRs , I take it as my personal fault , you clearly missed heli practice as an EMR and as a result you failed the race to the cop medic . i will talke to Chief of EMS @JimJim in regards to heli training for EMRs . 
best regards , Chief of EMRs , Killer .

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