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S1-4 Altis Airways Lockdown!


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тenacity now declares ownership over the skies of Altis.

We have now taken over any Drug Runner delivery points that you may find.



From now and onwards you will require a pass to do drug runner missions safely, you can acquire this by messaging any тenacity  member that you may find in game, the pass costs $49,999 and will stay valid for 24 hours.


With the pass, you will have full protection from all тenacity  members & friends, we will assist you with any problems you may run into, wether that be cops/campers, when you have purchased your pass we will give you further instructions on which DR you will start and end your run at.


More info will be added, price is subject to change.


Anyone found doing drug runner missions without permission will be killed on sight, anyone found camping drug runner missions will be blacklisted.



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