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Damn.. it’s been a hell of a ride boys and there’s a time for everything, there’s and end for everything and today sad to say it’s the end of my asylum/arma days I might hop on here in there in a few months but I gotta say thank you to the best  server, server 3. I want to thank the following people for making my asylum days well worth it. @Christian R for always bullying me, @Tarro for for always talking to me. @Austin427 for always insulting me and making me laugh. @Lopotev Slovak for being the most badass soul I know and an amazing friend. @Hexlen for always yelling at me for being a side chat warrior. @LUCKY713 for always yelling at me. @Sp0on for all the 50% increases. @JaxxonMurphy for like all the blacklisting post. @eragoon78  for being the best mf cop and an amazing friend. Thank you the whole community you guys are like a family but more disliking ;). I’ll still look at the post here and there so please keep in touch. I wish everyone the best of luck, and I’m sure I’ll be back eventually but for now later homies. And last of all thank you asylum for all the great memories and friendships.

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