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  1. yeah i mean it made buying houses worth it sometimes
  2. kavala house price?
  3. still for sell?
  4. are you selling the 70k market value?
  5. makes sense. I think it’s a great idea man. it’s just in the mean time my idea is basically yours without the bot ya know.
  6. rip that i don’t understand why they got rid of that
  7. Yeah this is a gnashes thing. My idea would only involve me handling the money the players going on a site where you can make a poker game and then playing and then i would hand the winnings out no bots involved
  8. Would be ran by me. for example you guys hand me 10k at dp10 garage we afk while gambling on a site. at the end if @Crunchedd has 30k and wins the table. I hand you the money.
  9. this is practically an idea but if it is popular enough it could become a real thing. Essentially, I would host gambling events. Example: 10 people commit to betting 10k. There are websites and programs that work as a randomized picker. I add the 10 people and the winner would receive 100k. Example 2: Use a website that allows users to play TH poker with a set amount for example 20k. There are 5 players and ultimately either one player would win it all or say after set amount of rounds the game would be over and each player would receive asylum cash for the amount of chips they had at the end of the round. Example 3: street races maybe even something like 2 players withdraw 10k and fight to the death with rooks. Winner takes all. I know it’s not a lot of money but it would be fun and for some people 20k is a lot. There are probably endless amounts of other games/ ways I could set up the betting. Opinions/Thoughts LMK. Disclaimer: This isn’t a scam to try and get 100k because one that’s retarded, two I am almost money capped at 6 mil, and 3 I find way better ways to make money than go scam people wanting to participate.
  10. I will try this. Hopefully this isnt a meme that will get me script banned lmao.
  11. Thanks! Yes i’ve decide to get a new case which will allow me to overclock my i7 5820k and then i’m going to get a 1070 so i should be good to go!
  12. I I have decided to upgrade my computer case exchange the part into the new better call computer case and then going to overclock my 5820k because it is not running at its optimal levels and replace my 970 with a 1070.
  13. MSI i don’t know the specifics
  14. haha. they would be buying me the upgrades.
  15. what setting should i raise/lower? @ben flint