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  1. looking at this after a month has gone by and realizing that no one actually gives a fuck what anyone puts on the forums lol. this forum was only created for hate and comps
  2. yeah would be a lot of fun walking around and getting rdmed with the reddish crusader title!!!
  3. how much do you get if you pull out 5 mil prestige?
  4. how much do you get if you pull out 5 mil prestige?
  5. How much would someone pay for a s1 220k in pyros?
  6. you don't remember when you were with sammy and safe mode and you had like a 100k as a bounty hunter lol. btw you suicide vested us in the video like an hour after we made like 100k each off all falls bounties so it was whatever.
  7. Want to get bounty hunted by me and my boys again? and pls don't use 2 suicide vest this time. Also make sure that one nerd doesn't watch like 5 youtube videos in 4k to get battle eyed again!
  8. I don't intervene with cartel fights. This post is referring to a group of rebels who came to skip because there guy literally drove into it we downed him so they brought an ifrit to save him. there was no cartel fighting. It was simply rebel vs. bounty hunters. we came away with cartel chops tho.
  9. lol yeah and now that I have master crusader I think it makes it even longer!!!! how cool right? shit shot and a shit head!!!
  10. Allan* would you like my address or maybe my social as well for your new asylum name?
  11. true i'm so pissed i was looking for the video where they drove an ifrit into the dome lmao. but i do have the video of us driving it around and then stealing there orca using it.
  12. every 4 five is gone?? wym. I was implying that it would be a legit script that denied the use of a 4 five by anyone but a master crusader or apex predator
  13. just change your name to a chicks name or "I record"
  14. Who ever said ALL Bounty Hunters were trash rats. Ask me about how a group of rebels fought us cartel style and dropped on my BH group with a ripfrit at skip. Part two came around and they gave us a prestine orca that was used for over sight during the choperino operation. 4 rebels vs. 4 bounty hunters. None of us lost a single loadout during 3 different fights but of course: "trash bounty hunter" "bounty hunter scums." Master crusader is fun asf because it takes about 2-3 mins to turn in the target and it allows for skip tracer fights. Im gonna upload the footage because it was fun asf. If anyone is interested in this style of bounty hunting pm me. Cartel fights included!
  15. understandable but honestly it's not like it wouldnt be to crazy because they wouldn't be allowed to share it ya know