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  1. The one fucking day I’m not home
  2. Nice herpes kid
  3. I only say racist things on Rust and Siege now. Not banned.
  4. drop the stock exhaust
  5. but i cant read
  6. Teach me how to play if I ever finally download it and I’ll play w/ u.
  7. Hey man, Glad to see you around. Look in the announcements section. There is some news about the servers. Glad to see you here, and I'll see you in-game! And just know @Mitch (IFRIT) is a homosexual southern American man. @Mangos
  8. Hi.

    Tht made me lol
  9. Bet u use rocks as currency L053R
  10. Oh well... Kevin is gr8
  11. u listen to kevin abstract o-o
  12. Whomstve said it was a secret? I was just saying it hasn’t been fully confirmed yet he’s saying it to select groups.
  13. Lmfao I owned the gun store house and accidentally listed it for sale u whore edit:nvm thought this was s1