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  1. Oh nooo o7
  2. play with me and ill carry u dw
  3. I’m surprised by the lack of red boxes around the enemies.
  4. my son, ryan. have you come back to us?
  5. Hey clint can i apply for cop yet im a good roleplayer
  6. Lmfao PG-13 server btw.
  7. k thx thats what i thought
  8. temper would beat france
  9. this was extremely unfunny but what game is that at 4:00
  10. I believe lacie would make a very good Chief but clint is a pretty good one! Subaru was the absolute worst unban me please
  11. I’ve already done that ;(
  12. yeah me too @Mitch (IFRIT) @Clint Beastwood
  13. kid was shit tbh
  14. halo 3 is the game that got me into gaming. best game ever created and most fun ive ever had online
  15. ur sister a mister