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  1. why am i mentioned in this shit. kids a retard and i happily reported him to get him banned before if I'm not mistaken
  2. thank god
  3. I hope they already recorded his cameo in the new avengers movie so he can be remembered one last time at least.
  4. Oh nooo o7
  5. play with me and ill carry u dw
  6. I’m surprised by the lack of red boxes around the enemies.
  7. my son, ryan. have you come back to us?
  8. Hey clint can i apply for cop yet im a good roleplayer
  9. Lmfao PG-13 server btw.
  10. k thx thats what i thought
  11. temper would beat france
  12. this was extremely unfunny but what game is that at 4:00
  13. I believe lacie would make a very good Chief but clint is a pretty good one! Subaru was the absolute worst unban me please
  14. I’ve already done that ;(
  15. yeah me too @Mitch (IFRIT) @Clint Beastwood