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  1. Revenant

    V2 feedback

    need my p07 collection from disarming cops
  2. Revenant

    V2 feedback

    server is shit without bh hurry up and give me my child back
  3. Revenant

    V2 feedback

    Well how it is rn is pretty lovely. Maybe add a medical and then it’s flawless imo. If devs want some suggestions for BH pls hmu I can almost guarantee no one bh’s more than me and my kitties nowadays. Faccs
  4. Revenant

    V2 feedback

    Please don’t break my bounty hunter it’s the only thing left for me to enjoy on this server
  5. didnt say i wasnt providing im just running out of storage on my phone bc i save them so i can look at later too and i need him to stop
  6. this bunni retard keeps trying to solicit me for asshole pics please help me
  7. I just make other people lose connection instead of myself now
  8. First official one, not done by a filthy admin.
  9. Got the confirmed 1st passenger seat of V2.
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