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  1. You’re probably one of them.
  2. I’m very known for my extensive role play. @Yewwwo @Bunni @Goyneyyy
  3. Idk how or why anyone finds this entertaining. Is it just me?
  4. Wow @WildFire, didn’t realize you were an obese Australian now.
  5. lmao i watched a vid of him playing it to see how it was bc he was saying his server is better than altis servers and in the video he was walking around with a m249 with a sniper scope and people in ifrits are just ramming cars and they acted like it was normal
  6. revenant.hackerman
  7. nothing to be mad about, chuck
  8. yes lets ignore the kid that is spamming him to play and how he is willing to pay money to play with him too. temper best gang eu/na
  9. r&r lore axe
  10. arent you on the spectrum
  11. why does fudger keep tryna bait me into ts then
  12. It hurts how braindead you are honestly. you’re delusional.
  13. isp says otherwise
  14. someone probably finally backtraced your ip when you booted them off. wasnt anyone in temper I hate ddosers
  15. The errors in your post that I found.