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  1. Hi & welcome, you missed out should've bought the game earlier
  2. This thread is lit
  3. Yeah I know it's not hard at all to fly with rotorlib it's just still aids imo it was introduced as a nerf and now they are easily damaged they still have it enabled along with being 180k that's nerf x2 If lib has to be kept, at least reduce the price or make it possible to craft so these helis are actually viable for once.
  4. Since tarus got added back they are pretty much pointless since with rotorlib it's near impossible to hot drop without damaging your heli not to mention the price is ridiculous. I thought the way the game handles damage was changed so that tarus aren't flying tanks anymore. Isn't rotorlib now obsolete since the pilot can be shot out easier? I understand they have to be nerfed but there has to be a sweet spot, right now no one buys them because they are nerfed way more than necessary, literally nerfing it with the rotorlib is already too far so it's awkward as fuck to fly and then still charging 180,000 for one and not making crafting them an option. Also at least give us a way to craft tarus if anything since 180k for a transport version is way too much. There's a crafting recipe on the wiki but no option to craft one at the vehicle factory or black market.
  5. this
  6. Bring back old prison
  7. Was 300 I think it got changed to 250, you can always ask an admin to do it
  8. Merry Christmas all
  9. Will have to try it out. I still don't get the prison though, OG (not kavala) prison island was the best, enjoyed fighting both on cop and civ, the new prison is OP for cops, did one earlier and they come from everywhere, front sides back rebels are fucked either way especially when there's 4 of you and like 10+ cops constantly pushing from different directions :/ The fight just doesn't last long enough to be fun for cops and civs because it's so bias towards cops. Why two bridges when you can't get a shot on the second without being vulnerable from elsewhere? It's obvious not many people like it except career cops who just want as much power as possible honestly the balance just isn't there, I've played both sides thoroughly. At least put a deerstand by the second bridge and maybe give cops one too so there's more of a fight? Honestly can't remember the last time I saw a prison break since it got changed. Pretty much obsolete now imo
  10. S1

    Looks like approx 700m, might as well spawn pyrgos and drive in with a sport hatch.
  11. Apparently hotfixes or new/updated mission files make me lose my loadout and die when i log back in I get the spawn menu :/