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  1. Very true but still, asylum in its current state is more stable. I get its an early release but cmon no need to rush
  3. Bye

    Where's my mention b hmu to play sometime
  4. Happy remembrance day, lest we forget.
  5. hi

    Sup welcome to what's left of Asylum.
  6. Sounds good u best not be washed out xd
  7. fuck it im onnit
  8. This otherwise the assassin shit is already obsolete. Plus who doesn't like killing bounty hunters.
  9. 110k
  10. And you think this hasn't been mentioned already?
  11. Anddd it's now Sunday... Almost Monday. It's coming "later this week"
  12. Good luck...
  13. This... Anyone can kill one guy and shadow play it every time