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  1. Welcome to the forums
  2. Welcome back?
  3. Welcome
  4. Thats what I like to hear BH's are already aids, they have hunters now they want MXM's what do they want next Sergeant uniforms???
  5. Oh rip bet Kavala is aids for your fps
  6. Lmao love to see how you managed that. Nice graphics btw
  7. Very helpful for new/inexperienced players, would be nice if this was pinned.
  8. Welcome!
  9. Here you go
  10. Hi.

    Welcome back
  11. I agree totally, people find it frustrating as no one seems to listen and it feels as if the admin and dev team are working against the community the majority of the time. Ultimately it's the devs fault because people see you and admins as the target since the developers either Completely ignore/disregard a suggestion or genuine community issue Say something along the lines of "not happening" (this is fine but for 99% of suggestions, really?) Lock a thread and move it to the graveyard without any explanation or warning to people who are genuinely using it within the forum rules.
  12. What more can I say... Ultimately somethings gotta change otherwise player numbers are only going down and they're already at an all-time low. I had server 3 completely to myself mid EU day, take it back a few years and the servers were constantly full.
  13. ^^^^^^^
  14. Hey