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  1. fuck it let's play Olympus xD
  2. I say unban @|CaSpEr| or reapered is going offline
  3. you got banned again?
  4. This^ it's your problem for being a bounty hunter. go play rebel.
  5. Paratus Developer Follow member Message See their activity CONTENT COUNT 458 JOINED October 16, 2013 LAST VISITED February 28
  6. If you wanna be able to hot drop honestly it's 100x easier using mouse and keyboard, you just gotta adjust your control layout so its easier. But for flying in general you can use either, I have a joystick but who plays life servers for realism, I just stick to mouse and keyboard for everything when flying on asylum. I have a server that I use to practice hmu if you wanna join and I can help you out @Jokerlolz
  7. Turn that shit off
  8. Wassup bro I been inactive af just been playing under diff names neck yourself
  9. Lmao
  10. Just wondering whether it was, i was clearing up my old recordings since I've got over 200gb worth still saved, there's one of me picking peaches when I first joined xD
  11. Was digging through some old videos that I archived back when asylum was poppin, this one in particular from 2016: @Ken. is that you or another Ken? @Maxツ @DaX @Sojobo @Beifang Ming @Thomas Yea my game looks laggy as fuck, back when I was streaming asylum gameplay on my potato PC
  12. The standard audio ports usually on your motherboard I/O are 3.5mm. As long as it says somewhere the jack is male 3.5mm aux you should be good. Obviously the big jack won't fit unless you have an adapter or sound card that supports it.
  13. lmao
  14. I try to avoid being toxic on the forums but are you fucking retarded? That point is genuinely degenerative. It doesn't relate to reality whatsoever. Firstly, cops have WAY greater numbers in most fights at bank. Secondly, become more game-aware and knowledgeable, and 10 cops with downing only VS say 5 rebels w/ 7.62(the ratio of cops:civs is usually way higher) and you can easily overcome them. Employ the right tactics at the right time and lethals aren't needed. Yes you may die a few times, the rebels are usually more skilled and have more to lose, you die you lose 3k big deal. I die, I lose 30k in gear and you pick up my 3k of Y-inventory. I've seen both sides, I played mostly cop for over 2 years where I actually had to authorize lethals myself, and trust me I did not authorize lethals as much as these new Sgts and LT's do. Still got the job done and won most fights. I think the problem here is a reluctance for the APD to grow a pair of balls and try new tactics and make clever plays instead of 'oh we zerged/sniped and downed him he got up lets go lethal.'