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  1. I'll come on soon b I been busy at work
  2. Is it supposed to be a .gif? Not loading on my phone
  3. You haven't missed much.
  4. Text messages appear in side chat. You can use page up and page down to scroll
  5. Making 750k in a day is easy if you know what you're doing Plus venom don't break rules in first place then complain, you're lucky cuz duping should be a straight perm imo
  6. M power for life <3 Gotta be an E46 for looks, but depends what you're after. Theres always the M135i as well which can be a beast if its tuned and on the right tyres. Plus you can pick up one with a manual gearbox.
  7. Depends what you're into, this is all me xD
  8. Welcome back!!
  9. Didn't see that coming oh wait I kinda did
  10. Fuck france they can go eat their croissants Kane and rashford are gonna do bits
  11. Performance wise... They have been worse. The servers are improving slowly in terms of performance but the question is, is it too late? Population has been declining for the past months and so has the playerbase. I think we are in need of a major gameplay update (rebel talent tree) and it couldn't come sooner. Also I am by no means saying that the work is done and the servers are fixed. There is still plenty of room for change and improvement.
  12. . ^
  13. Welcome to asylum
  14. Same here, I only really wear them on uc cop they're CSAT officer fatigues (with no armour) and they get that texture applied. If you don't have the season achievement I'm not sure if the texture will stay for you however.