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  1. ^^^this 40k = 0 slots, only acts as spawn point.
  2. loool
  3. Very true
  4. It's not too hard to get away from cops due to the 1 min+ it takes for them to return and how easy it is to wipe them if you have decent numbers, height advantage etc. Don't stay in the same place, move when you can and the cops will likely not have a clue where you've gone.
  5. Welcome back!
  6. ^ @Paratus @Gnashes
  7. Is it possible to refuel and rearm jets?
  8. Welcome to Asylum
  9. Zeus. Most likely both on a serious note, I like blufor vehicles but some of the opfor weapons are better.
  10. Yep without the mission.sqm or any serverside files it's pretty much useless.
  11. If you want to hot drop I suggest you use a keyboard it's much easier, but just change the layout of your keys slightly so they're more accessible. Most people I know that were the best pilots at hot dropping e.g. Hubs used a keyboard with a modified layout. Works well for me too
  12. Yes, you can kill them without reinitiating as long as they are red.
  13. +1 why not would look cool
  14. Yeah and also the DB I believe, as every time a player went through a speed camera it would have to write each ticket as a crime on the players record within the database.