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  1. That seems to be the only time bounty hunters actually try go after me because they're all chilling there, apart from camping donor they don't do shit when I'm rolling round anywhere else with 100k+ bounty
  2. Honestly that would be fucking aids if bounty hunters could cap
  3. He has a point^ stick to kavala with ur mx
  4. +1 I need to try bounty hunter again lmao the last time I played properly was for a little while pre 6.0
  5. Yeah I guess if they're afk they're retarded lol it's just aids when bounty hunters know you're fighting though and camp donor waiting for you to respawn and get you when you're fresh spawn. If they want my bounty they should come to the cap. Seems like everyone plays bounty hunter nowadays that's why they need some kinda nerf or rebel needs a buff, giving bounty hunters any more advantages is gonna make even more people play it and the servers gonna die even quicker
  6. Increase the min bounty to 5k other than that fuck the boring ass bounty hunters where's the rebel talent tree at
  7. I agree, it was too easy for people to hide somewhere and solo cap as well but the big fights were some of the best, maybe just make the circle smaller? Another reason to increase group cap.
  8. Bring back ghost hotel the current drug caps are getting boring af to fight
  9. I get that message too but it still let's me connect
  10. *listed in game for 150k get urself a bargain can make that back in like one run
  11. Thats how it used to be. It's easier to make money that way since you can semi-afk it.
  12. .
  13. Correct, that's why I'm willing to do it for cheap. It's best to store ingredients in and run it back and forth to spirit. Aging is probably better suited to another house although I suppose you could put one barrel in it as well as a crate.
  14. Bump I will be willing to sell this for a low price as I wanna flip it quickly