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  1. yoU goIng to Get BanneD
  2. God damn legend
  3. yaY
  4. Hell yeah bout time
  5. I love that Bamf locks the thread and sits on Change Logs for 30 mins just to unlock this thread and not post anything
  6. Damn 900k!
  7. You a skidskad
  8. Into the criminals of course
  9. Good idea while there at it why don’t they give them Hurons and Striders
  10. And he still can’t half the time in 2018
  12. Well deserved on EXG fucking beautiful Aleec
  13. I am
  14. Feels bad man
  15. Actually looking through walls and floors is not exploiting and it is allowed
  16. yeah but honestly i didn't try to stick it through i just wall banged him
  17. i LikE idEa and While were at iT take DefeBs away add NlR
  18. You know I was almost in it ;-
  19. 100% agree with the armor stacking but like you said tho about hatchbacks there is nothing else to drive on a normal basis except qilins and prowlers
  20. Why remove qilins?