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  1. Anyone want to group or make a gang or w/e? I <3 rebel tears. Looking for non-kavala pistol bangers who fully gear.
  2. Best montage song NA
  3. A retarded monkey could rip my head off my shoulders. Much like the rest of this thread, it was a joke xD.
  4. Hmmm. Must be a career cop.
  5. And he's one of those anti-gun hollywood types that makes all their money from movies with guns then whines about them IRL. Par for the course, anyway.
  6. His signature, with Will smith. Not the gif.
  7. What movie is your signature from?
  8. Did you mean in a FIT of biased rage? Also, your avatar is best avatar.
  9. I just got my PPL, moving on to instrument. Teach me systems for my comm SE/ME pl0x.
  10. What the fuck. Jesus.
  11. Kind of like Star citizen. A game which will probably never come out.
  12. nice one
  13. You went for that eject button so fast Usain Bolt would've been proud.
  14. Shit montage for a shit player.
  15. Damn son. And here I thought I was doing ok at 2 mil. Props. "I donate a huge amount of money to Republican-like players who aren't afraid to work for the money (mutual benefit) and for those more socialistic, Democratic-like players who are just asking for a "hand-out" or free money, I always tell them "I won't give you any money but I'll show you how to make it"...sadly, most decline the offer though. " Best paragraph I've ever seen on this site. Good man.