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  1. are there any changes to bounty hunter weapons?
  2. He pretty much said it was ready, but he wanted to be there for the release to make sure everything goes okay.
  3. It is an interesting idea, but it doesn't fit for the soft rp approach that asylum currently has.
  4. You do realize every game has players that are unhappy with its developers.
  5. Maybe not, but I think the guy who had his drill seized freaked out pretty hard over a $1500 drill.
  6. I think they already knew he had a drill but forget to seize it.
  7. You tried to invite me to your gang along with a whole bunch of others after you left (It was either VP or Purge I think it was VP), don't think you are in a position to be talking.
  8. Doesn't make your opinion valid, clearly says that it happened, they chose to have mercy on you and if you didn't comply you would be re-permed. More of the premise that you did it that matters.
  9. First I said almost never, Second your a squeaker who got banned for lag-switching so your opinion is invalid.
  10. I have almost never heard of someone who refused to fight a cartel for a fear of being bounty hunted unless they are solo.
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