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  1. When are we getting some July patch notes?
  2. The question is what will happen when Arma 4 comes out
  3. I'll throw out a bid of 1 mil for the uranium shed.
  4. /Not gonna lie don't exactly know what conquest is. Is it like strife or is it something that happens on the main life server?
  5. Yeah no one's gonna buy a wong's house for 10 mil.
  6. I cant really tell in this video, but fun fact, police tac vests are level 2 instead of the civilian ones that are level 1.
  7. I say just allow armor stacking including CSATs. Just hit the head and it won't matter what armor you have.
  8. Definitely agree with adding Air Garages at all Airfields.
  9. I don't know how you plan to regulate that. Might as well let people bolt cut doors for bounties.
  10. So... I assume you will be bumping up player count for server 1, because it is always at 120 now.
  11. Strife was literally one of my favorite game modes that I have played on Arma. If it could have kept up development it could have turned into a very successful game mode, but it died out to quick.
  12. In-Game Name: Nic Rage Age: 17 Screenshot of Arma 3 Hours: 7,291 (Just trust me) Previous Gangs: Imperium, Dark Horse, Secret Service, Boats & Hoes, and more than I can't remember rn APD Rank (if any): none Why should we accept you?: Well you did it before so why not.
  13. Anyway you can increase server size or add whitelisted spots? Otherwise I'm gonna need compensation for a new space bar because of the amount of spamming I have to do.
  14. are there any changes to bounty hunter weapons?
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