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  1. In-Game Name: Nic Rage Age: 17 Screenshot of Arma 3 Hours: 7,291 (Just trust me) Previous Gangs: Imperium, Dark Horse, Secret Service, Boats & Hoes, and more than I can't remember rn APD Rank (if any): none Why should we accept you?: Well you did it before so why not.
  2. Anyway you can increase server size or add whitelisted spots? Otherwise I'm gonna need compensation for a new space bar because of the amount of spamming I have to do.
  3. are there any changes to bounty hunter weapons?
  4. He pretty much said it was ready, but he wanted to be there for the release to make sure everything goes okay.
  5. You do realize every game has players that are unhappy with its developers.
  6. Maybe not, but I think the guy who had his drill seized freaked out pretty hard over a $1500 drill.
  7. I think they already knew he had a drill but forget to seize it.
  8. Cool, but everytime the "release" gets close there is another setback and I assumed that this summer I was going to get to play V2 before school started back. Now I am beginning to think that is not gonna be a reality. (Originally was thought to be done some time in mid to late june.)
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