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  1. Don't know if it was already said, but UAVs need to have a way to rearm at rearming stations. The only way to get back ammo is to store it in garage and pull back out, then you get half of the ammo that you start with.
  2. Left the extra 5ish minutes after 2:30 so you can enjoy Shy not understanding how speed bombs work.
  3. I would like to propose the addition of the Marshall, Marid, and Gorgon APCs. Make them cost 60k (so that NOBODY can afford them). Either that or 45 acp and lower gun restriction on the entire server.
  4. You may as well have asked for an APC with downing rounds, for some reason they feel like its equivalent to giving us a 50 caliber sniper rifle.
  5. When are we getting some July patch notes?
  6. The question is what will happen when Arma 4 comes out
  7. /Not gonna lie don't exactly know what conquest is. Is it like strife or is it something that happens on the main life server?
  8. Yeah no one's gonna buy a wong's house for 10 mil.
  9. I cant really tell in this video, but fun fact, police tac vests are level 2 instead of the civilian ones that are level 1.
  10. I say just allow armor stacking including CSATs. Just hit the head and it won't matter what armor you have.
  11. Definitely agree with adding Air Garages at all Airfields.
  12. I don't know how you plan to regulate that. Might as well let people bolt cut doors for bounties.
  13. So... I assume you will be bumping up player count for server 1, because it is always at 120 now.
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