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  1. lol kaykay I got u
  2. for sure, I'll get u added later today
  3. what does BDO have anything to do with this lol two completely different games
  4. @Gen. Henry Arnold @Mayhem @Ben Flint i added u guys so ill hit you up if i see you on
  5. rip
  6. sweeeet, add me and I'll get you back what's your RSN's ?
  7. aww for real I don't normally range pk though, just wanted it for training and firecape
  8. I have a 60atk Zerker that I need to train range and get void and firecape on, everything else is done with it I'm fully quested with veng, bgloves, torso, zerk helm and all that. looking for friends to play with before I start playing again, my name is Zerberker if you wana look me up and add me, just let me know and post your RSN and I'll add you back!
  9. hey this is pretty cool, if you did more you'd have better practice, you should do more !
  10. I know you love it that's why I did it ReeL SHiT fAm
  11. does anyone know 2 times? poor guy just wanted to see what was going on
  12. I posted this in the police section if yall havent seen it
  13. bro it's in 1080 you have to change it yourself @Brendan Prestidge
  14. Astro A50
  15. I'll put 600k on the other abdera