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  1. Whatever that means.
  3. Agreed but im still in the running for first with Nathan.
  4. pretty sure cadets cant seize weapons.
  5. Beginning of getting modded servers again?
  6. greatest sgt on the apd :flame:

  7. It's hard to tell who you're insulting here...
  8. @Explanicide That's a very cute post. But a complete a waste of your time to right it and a waste of mine for reading it. Nothing in the rules says you can't commit a crime and then play it off at the court house, in fact that's exactly what the function at the court house is for. Also undercover cops under the rank of LT are not even allowed to camp rebel so you can stop trying to bullshit people there especially when Lieutenants do not even do it very often without a reason and the entire purpose of using undercover in asylum let alone in any real life police department in the world is so you can't tell them apart from the civilians. If you were actually a good rebel like most of the gangs have you would be able to tell whose an undercover cop right away. Plus there are ways you can check to see if somebody is undercover but you're to busy making bullshit posts to know how to differ the two. Oh and banks,feds, and prison breaks happen daily multiple times a day.
  9. I don't really see why it should be changed. If and officer sent you to jail for the crimes you have committed and you escaped jail for whatever RP reason you want. You still have to finish the sentence for the crimes you were originally sent to jail for period. But if you feel otherwise message the Captains. It dose not matter how much you convince the community about how something needs to be changed the only ones who can change it are the current Captains.
  10. End of argument. If the officer wants to go along with the RP that's fine but they are not required.
  11. HOW DO I GET TO whitelist applicants channel