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  1. goes from getting blacklisted to captain, anything is possible congratz
  2. Didn't like how cersi and jamie died which Cersi got eaten by a dragon or something, also pretty sure Arya now has khaleesi on her list to kill
  3. Wheres @HomeTrlxwith the german Congratz to everyone that got it!
  4. When Grey Worm went behind the trench and closed the bridge thing I was like damn thats a fat rip for the rest of the unsullied.
  5. As much as i love being able to do a little circle of all the fields when it is in pygros, It doesn't make it to much fun for the civs when cops are always going to be patrolling the areas because of how close they are.
  6. Never said thats how it should be, just saying how it was
  7. A majority of people wanted it, plus they added a sign so cops cannot just stay on stairs and quick peek the roof. With the new staircase you can still very much so watch the funnel of cops that come up the stairs from the roof.
  8. Whenever and a handful of other officers try and go to the evidence lockup our computer start to take a shit
  9. @HomeUser RIP your solo banks
  10. I want to hear what others think of the sign at prison, that for those who don't know allow only civs to teleport back into the courtyard. My own opinion I do not think it should be allowed to be active during a prison in which rebels can jump down and teleport right behind you and most of the time end up killing the cops pushing in.
  11. +1 this would make it more fun for the lottery
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