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  1. wow another great player from rebel department
  2. you are literally awful at the game
  3. wow that's 4088 manslaughters, can you sign my mousepad
  4. just like in real life, ems gets fucked
  5. Yeah Drew said I wasnt good enough to be grandfathered in
  6. In-Game Name: Jonah Age: 19 Arma Hours [Screenshot]:https://gyazo.com/6c2aaa5d52797a71dc7f271ed028cfd4 Previous Gangs: Only Rebel Department? Why should we accept you: Because im a steve Who can vouch for you:scott and drew
  7. Jonah

    Change log 8.1.7

    guess they would rather have a shitty prison that some brain dead cop made
  8. Jonah

    Change log 8.1.7

    this please. The new prison is complete trash and literally no one does it anymore. Asylum gets really boring when the only content is doing banks on repeat. I don't understand why we cant just revert it to the old prison with the two deer stands and a barracks building. If the old one is too op for rebels then they can just add a second bridge.
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