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  1. Mr. Brown


    Didn't realize when you said last night you were playing on a different server that you weren't trolling for once. Take care, Google
  2. @Painbringa112 I never thought this day would come.. Congrats my dude!
  3. Hmu if you wanna play WoW I just came back to it today actually (lock 910 ilvl)
  4. @Grizzly757 come to P1! I remember when I switched to P1 from P4 I didn't know that many people and didn't have any houses, but after only a few days I was making tons of friends and now I have 3 houses on P1. Now almost all my friends on Asylum are apart of P1. Come on over whenever you would like, I'm sure you'll see that it was worth it. Plus our Sergeants and Lieutenants are extremely active as well as the server base in general.
  5. This is true. Matter of fact is the game has gone to shit since Cataclysm.
  6. I've been playing arena off and on for a long time. 2.2k in pandaria and draenor, 2.1k in legion. Still wouldn't come back for it cause even though its fun as fuck, World PvP was by far the reason I got into the game and the fact that its not existent anymore is one of the reasons I left. Also, you pretty much HAVE to grind PvE to play wpvp, before you could do pvp and you would be fine. Not so much anymore.
  7. If world PvP came back I would definitely play.
  8. Well see if this expansion brings me back. Legion did for a little bit but I didn't stay for too long.
  9. Pretty damn sure we have the same bed sheets lol
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