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  1. WHO THE FUCK IS CgXkillzz. its cG x KiLLZz u fuck head. and @Keen12321left the gang more than me marcus and ryang did altogether.
  2. not if he isnt looking at you
  3. just wait until my report gets checked. Action taken inc
  4. comp* bot, ive never used it before but in the discord theres a text channel you join called comp_status, do !comp and it'll send you a pm, just fill out the link and next time an admin does comp it'll be granted
  5. go onto the asylum discord and use the cimp bot, takes 5 mins to get your comp
  6. hes in the position to call me bad, while in reliance i got like 3 kills total from all the cartels we went too.
  7. yeah im garbage but its ok <3
  8. After a good 2-3 years of being a part of this community I feel like it is time to say goodbye. I really don't have much to say but I feel like I have to name some people who helped me through my time here. To start off, @Dork I would like to thank you for helping me that one night in kavala when you took me to cartels to collect money after you made me put all my money on the lotto, that opened my eye to gang life. @Cougar. thank you for excavating with me in kavala until the sun came up. @whoeverwastheleaderofLucky 13 thank you for accepting me and teaching me the ropes of the server. @BananaGoatPC Thank you for letting me join my first ever "official" gang and introducing me to a ton of great people that i actually hate. @lladnar even though you will never see this bc of the incident we had, thank you for constantly yelling and harassing me bc it made me tougher as a person @Ryang_000 Thank you for holding my streaks when i was grounded. And thank you for all the fun times we had doing hoodrat shit in kavala. @Keen12321 I still cant believe you wasted $300 on headphones but you are gay bc you wouldn't let me use your rodo house even tho you you never used it. @Mr. Fenwick Thank you for giving me a chance in ONE even though I was denied on the forums by roleypoleyboley, best moments i've had in asylum and the nicest group of people I have ever played with. @Mr Trentham (idk forum acc name) but I still can't believe that you can land a jet nearly anywhere. @thrLLz Your cowboy hat is ridiculous. Chillest dude I have ever played with along with Fenwick. @MARCUS STANLEY xDYou are a little rat, thanks for boosting my acc from silver to gn even tho i deranked within 3 days and thank you for helping me get good deals on houses around the map. @Cory B"TITAN" aka Mayhem and your group merged which created reliance. Best cartel experiences of my life even tho i was legit trash. And thank you for the constant yelling and toxicity. @Penguin_idk why but u loved banana and hated me but its ok. @Walter WhiteYou are a thot, thx for attempting to get me back into ONE after we left reliance. @Cole Little You still owe me 500k from the mayweather v mcgregor fight btw, but thx for being nice to me while u were on cop. @Alec-I for constantly triggering me in side chat along with Nv @Roicesb thank you for saving me at heroin that one time. @JackH. You are the reason why I wish I was deaf sometimes, constantly screaming in my ear when you died was annoying but you still helped me with a lot of things and you're chil [email protected] salad. @KingBeanI remember the time i capped rodo and you were in your house when i attempted to throw a nade through the window ending up with me killing myself. If you feel like i forgot you just leave a comment and ill add if i think you are worthy. (this is all over the place because im too lazy to make it look nice and im not re-reading it so if something is typed wrong, too bad) I'll be on to make sure my houses dont get sold to market.
  9. i won my first game that i played only bc i got lucky with the circle and house camped
  10. the first your should be You're you toad
  11. B U M P
  12. Server: 2 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: house House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 120k Location (Town/DP#): east of dp15 Asking Price: OFFER!! Description: 1.8km from meth and 2 km from east oil need to sell ASAP Pictures/Video Walk-through: Server: 2 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: house House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 70K Location (Town/DP#): RODOPOLI Asking Price: OFFER!! Description: IT HAS 2 CRATES, NO FLAG VIEW BUT ITS GOOD IF U DRIVE UP FROM PYRGOS AND GRAB A VEST AND BRING IT TO FLAG. 40-60M FROM FLAG AND IS AMAZING FOR GRABBING GUNS OR VESTS AND GOING TO FLAG. Pictures/Video Walk-through:
  14. hey man