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  1. Nowhere fast was pretty good too imo.
  2. i just got aids
  3. ive had that happen to me countless times. they really need a damage kick thing or a kick option as a whole
  4. yes mainly bc i was queueing with the same ppl bb gurl
  5. Went from gold 4 lost 10 games in a row due to shitter teammates went to around bronze 2 and managed to climb my way back to gold 4, abt to be gold 3
  6. yo its 10 am on a weekend nobody is up dumbass
  7. 3 crate houses are 120k+ and on top of that they are worth more depending on location.
  8. fake news
  9. kavala plebs would be able to whoop your ass at a cartel lmao
  10. OOF
  11. nah
  12. so envy won? oof
  13. PLAT 2, im down.
  14. McAdoo should be fired!