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  1. Push to talk notification
  2. its actually addicting af
  3. tldr
  4. this noob really put the bomb on hatch? all u gotta do is blow up hatch and you win round LOL
  5. youre lucky you dont play with him, when hes last alive my brain starts to hurt bc of it
  6. This tage is over a span of a year
  7. half of asylum doesnt even know how to leave their houses, let alone their rooms. If you think they can break outta zip ties u on some next level shit.
  8. you arent banned, it would say. just asylum servers are shit
  9. You know you can play before creating a forum account right? I never had a need to create one until then so.
  10. MORE THAN 1 FORUM ACCOUNT. old one is @cgxkillzz forgot pass to it
  11. whats "in my day" i quit asylum like 2-4 months ago after playing for 3 years.
  12. Very very true. im a mediocre fighter on Asylum but when it comes to other pvp servers i shit on people
  13. hopsin is mazing
  14. im not. i have the other sc to prove it. even click on the picture itself it says taken 12/21 6:01pm which is my time bb gurl