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  1. there is no point reporting a CPT cause nothing will happend i texted Codie and asked why he just unrestrain me and lethal me he texted me back and said i didnt fell like dealing with you o_O
  2. im here for you if u wanna talk smee
  3. it was just for fun it was not like he had admin in ts i mean what did he change a couple of cadet tags and fixed it again after 20s
  4. DS is looking for a guy try to apply there ginger
  5. Well then take leadership as a Chief/Cpt and fix the soup... If u can't fix it then u not the right person for the position of Cheif/Cpt
  6. is this a joke?.. all u cpt's do is going to 1k and trying to snipe the bank. constable and cpl are more usefull then you. and wen it comes to prison all cpt's does is sitting on a hummingbird and going behind the prison.. why not pull a strider/hunter and slam it?
  7. u can change gang house u dont have too make a new gang, the leader or the owner of the current gang house just have too do it cost like 125k i think
  8. Was just checking the new logo for the APD
  9. 2Pac Hit E'm Up... One of the best songs
  10. WORST suggestion ever
  11. congrats too the new supports
  12. Imagne how mad he must be for trying too ram hes own orca but fail xD
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