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  1. @BaDaBiNg_10-8 Scumbag banned me for calling the black cadet an ape. Havent gotten banned for racism in like a year lol
  2. This never happens, some retards with SDARs and quadbikes show up and thats it.
  3. I got on Yesterday to see how Asylum was and as you know I am a nice guy, and it took about 5 minutes to get RDMed like 6 times by 12 year olds yelling 'THE LAW". APD reached a new level of RETARDED, where they don't even initiate and act like absolute retards. All the good players are also gone and only scum is left, people just beg in side chat "PLS I NEED TO GET OUT OF JAIL PAY ME 20k" and or as was said "Comp or BAN". Asylum feels dead.
  4. @frantic answered in less then 5 minutes of my post, Altis life is your life.
  5. @frantic Do you want to watch intense game play from a professional Asylum player? If so, click below. So sad HAHHAH.
  6. People that think I said it are just retarded, https://gyazo.com/9ca8999d522faca5eb75dd7cfcc199ab thats the person in the video
  7. https://plays.tv/video/59f7e1a567d5fe1e5b/racism
  8. @Google™ asylum is dead for sure https://gyazo.com/9ca8999d522faca5eb75dd7cfcc199ab
  9. My man Crompton finally did it, I am proud https://gyazo.com/9ca8999d522faca5eb75dd7cfcc199ab #FREENICK
  10. Anyone got an RDM montage?
  11. Paramedic Ifrit(HMG)
  12. That sucked tbh, individual frags in casual ...
  13. prove it or i'll kill you
  14. I thought discussing retards was an off topic
  15. I don't pull of a Houdini and disappear sorry. Other stuff is true .