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  1. prove it or i'll kill you
  2. I thought discussing retards was an off topic
  3. I don't pull of a Houdini and disappear sorry. Other stuff is true .
  4. Its Ok to have 40 IQ , dont be ashamed
  5. Why are APD so retarded? Like no joke, do you have to show your special needs certificate to join. APD officers are some the most autistic and brain dead people I met. If there was an IQ that requires a triple digit score APD would surely fail, not just that the IQ requirement for an APD officer is 100> and people with higher IQ are rarely seen on the force. Beef and Obu Obu are some of the most blatant degenerates and there is much more to be named. @Kernikov on the other side hides his autism very well and has the superior IQ to his fellows officers (95). Picture below show that APD officers cant walk and shoot at the same time due to lack of focus and neurons in their brain (neurons might be too hard of a word for them) Chief of Police Clint Beastwood @Clint Beastwood (down below for APD viewers) How to fix this problem? We need people like Nick Crompton (seen below) who cleanse Kavala of cops and undesirables . If APD is to be sent away to Stratis the average IQ of Altis might surpass 55. (Nick Crompton Cleaning up Kavala) Nick Crompton Stepping out of his Ifrit Crompton Firing at the unsuspecting APD officers.
  6. Get me something better then GTX 770 and I will fuck your retarded ass up. PS ME>YOU
  7. Tbh getting shamed in front of the whole admin team would be like having the preschooler laugh at you. Clint is an X-GOD.
  8. Shove your 2 GTX 1080s up your ass to keep Asylum alive, Asylum life is your life
  9. VDM should not be something that you should be banned for, its very realistic, while same can be said about RDM, which is actually useful since it forces role play. VDM on the other side can be used to help your friends, or just used in the same way as a suicide vest. For example, did you ever want to make Kavala look like Barcelona? I bet you did, or make the police HQ look like Nice, France. With no VDM penalty its possible to run people over for Allah and show these filthy people your driving skills.
  10. Buying a garage in Selakano (By South Rebel) for around 100k, if you are an owner of a garage in Selakano on server 1 leave a comment under this post. Price is can be fluctuated.