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  1. idc ahah, i barely play this server anymore. I hope your epenis got a bit bigger nerd x
  2. Typical nerd getting angry because I quoted him. I’d say a year montage is old, it’s not pre 6.0 but a year is a long time imo.
  3. when u get ur first quick peak. my god
  4. Don’t turn this thread into the whole, waaa it’s not old if it’s not pre 6.0!!!!!! No one cares just watch the montages and chill out ffs aha
  5. I genuinely thought that was you singing ahha
  6. deng
  7. what a nice thing to say about a dead person
  8. monster, good shit lorskeng
  9. I called one of the China kids a lanky gook, got nothing. Called someone fat and got forum mod que.
  10. You still crying about a nade that literally did nothing ahah stop using that as an excuse for your shit gang. The real reason you lost is because Ron and Gareth slaughtered you like pigs we had 8 the second round, did we cry? No we had 9 the third round, did we cry? No did we shit on you? Yes. better luck next time lad
  11. Just because some autists like to ddos doesnt mean its a standard precaution to buy a vpn. That shouldnt exist, why should people have to spend money because some fat virgin nerd has started playing with a booter lol
  12. you know your gang stinks of shit when you blame losing in a 9 v 10 on 1 grenade that didn't even kill anyone, and a person being on the 9 man roster that didn't actually get a kill
  13. Fat nerds got shit on by the 9 man squad. Better luck next time lads xxxxxxxxx