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  1. Shouldn't have been banned lmao. Don't matter now tho, server is pretty dead
  2. criticism isn't hate, grow up kid
  3. Its still a trade and its a shit clip lol
  4. waited 23 seconds to watch you trade, closed it. Shite compared to your olympus one.
  5. Best player on asylum rn.
  6. all i can say is: - multikills - song that majority will like - sync the drop with a nice kill
  7. my editing isnt that great lol only montage where i did anything is a reborn one
  8. oh no ahaha
  9. Who is this?
  10. why tf are you criticizing, you fucking smell ahaha
  11. W3sT S1D3 !11!!!!
  12. appreciate the song at least
  13. so much fast forwarding, just cut the clip for fuck sake aha nice tage bud
  14. this was pretty deng, ok for a first tage tho
  15. people still play asylum?