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  1. Because being British has anything to do with anything?
  2. ROASTED!!!!
  3. Olympus isn't exactly lag free lol, its not as frequent as on asylum but it does indeed lag sometimes
  4. what are you talking about bud, we didn't run anyone over, they ran in front of us xxx
  5. hey hey hey buddy, calm it down, link that hummingbird zafir spray-down for us
  6. dunno what u are talking about
  7. hmu if you want dude, its one of the only games i'm good at anymore lol
  8. yea but you have played on asylum for a long time lol
  9. that was so funny lol!!!11!!
  10. this was my first, absolute horse shit haha
  11. i got 4,200 and im still shit lol
  12. w8 w8 w8, we all seen your fist montage lad, that was certainly worse than this hahaha
  13. a lot of people used to montage that sort of thing lol, on their first montages
  14. we all gonna comment and pretend our first montages weren't shit or what
  15. is it story time