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  1. Ludde

    Cartel Events

    Someone other then steve host is
  2. Stop talking about skins and fix the performance on the server
  3. Still waiting for previous months donations to be released
  4. Fix the arma server first before you try anything else, but it would have to be minecraft if something else
  5. January ones aint even out yet lol
  6. Ludde

    o7 boys

    Bringing a tear to me eye
  7. I think you should be able to edit the skin of your vehicles to a different one for a certain price in your garage instead of having to buy another vehicle to get a different skin.
  8. Add so that illegal vehicles such as ifrit, 50. cal and armed quilin etc. can spawn at the evidence locker aswell so that you can claim them.
  9. They should add a bounty leaderboard on the myasylum page.
  10. @Azeh When i try to make a gang it bugs out and doesnt let me manage it, but when i soft log it kicks me out the gang and then doesnt let me make it again with the same name because it apparently already exists. Then when i join an already existing gang it kicks me out everytime i relog.
  11. Just carrying the gang as per usual
  12. - In-Game Name: Ludde/LD - Timezone: GMT +00 - Age: 18 - ARMA 3 Hours (Screenshot)/Asylum experience:https://gyazo.com/2c268239a80bdc264efe29764daecad6 - How long have you played on the Asylum servers? Like 3+ years - Previous Gangs: Prime - Why do you want to join Instinct?: Getting back into arma -Any members who can vouch for you, if so who: Lorax, Roice, dunno who else is in the gang
  13. I am banker from brooklyn and would like to join the family.
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