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  1. I am banker from brooklyn and would like to join the family.
  2. I only wear nike, aint no broke bitch
  3. Ludde

    Crying wars 8

    If i remember you cried to admins on the olympus one and then said you would leave the server if you guys couldnt play, the same excuse you guys use for everything after crying non stop
  4. @Jesse Need a new way to make money that is on the same level as meth instead of just having meth due to how hot meth can be and when one big gang is on they control meth and prevent other players from doing meth and meth can be boring to do endlessly so need something new and refreshing, possibly a new drug that you can run on the top left portion of the map so you can utilise that area of the map instead of having it just vacant, therefore allowing a larger spread around the map
  5. Love to see positive response, can’t wait to see who wins next round
  6. No one in all seriousness comes on this game to "roleplay", most cops get on to catch the "bad guys" but when you have higher ups who have no game sense, not actual knowledge on how to play the game and how to interact with rebels or cant even shoot a fucking rabbit in this game, then you are buggered. On top of that you have the higher ups who get hot headed due to them having a "rank" above others on a virtual game and start to take it on themselves to try and boss those around when in reality they dont have leadership skills and instead start becoming threatening instead of interactive. What you need to do is to be objective and impartial when picking higher ups because many of those who are higher ups nowadays are those who havent got a clue what is going on, dont know how to lead, dont know how to interact in combat and are given such positions due to them being mates with other higher ups which is not fair for those who deserve the role, will be far better suited for such role, and which use their privilages in the right way instead of having those privilages and not even using them. On top of that, Corporals and other higher ranks only having to log on for once a month is ridiculous, if they are not active, taking charge then they should be removed simple as that. Its not a matter of you trynna protect your mates but a matter of whats is in the best interest of the APD and what you are doing at this current moment is being oblivious to how bad that APD is currently and much of a change needs to be taken to improve the APD in all areas.
  7. Its just a prank bro
  8. Cheers for the Ifrits @Connor McGregor
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