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  1. ok sorry kiddo
  2. are you mad?
  3. **triggered**
  4. well its not like im hiding it, i do play on my smurf for easier games since my main is higher rank, no shit. can you just move on with yourself? im not telling you to Watch my videos. its your choice if you wanna click the link and Watch,
  5. plat 2 is 3700 btw, also: i Believe i know a shit ton more than you about this game. ive played it since y1s2 and been Diamond since s3 on ps4. moved to pc on OH and sadly enough hit silver because i only played 20 games. and the ping abusing isnt benefiting you anymore. read ubisofts patch notes etc. over 80 ping = worse than lower.
  6. barely plat 2, im 4k elo on EU so i am way above plat 2. also my 'gold' last season was due to playing about 500 games not rly being any special in 400 of them. and the reason i play and got diamond on NA is because im stuck in plat 2 on EU, if it doesnt make sense to you u dont have to mind, just focus on urself and stop crying because im diamond on NA as an EU player. if you had a brain u wouldnt count the past season since you get stuck in a rank after 150 games. was gold 2 last season now plat 2 nearly plat 1. thats how big the change is.
  7. thanks mate
  8. no worries mate, you just have to not Watch <3
  9. agreed
  10. im Diamond if youre askin