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  1. Best of luck @BaDaBiNg_10-8. Congrats @Jesse.
  2. I just wanted to be different. In all honesty, this should definitely be a thing!
  3. Well, when @Painbringa112 has the terrible idea that every officer (9 total) should each have their own hunter / strider..... This happens.
  4. Master combat medic is the most powerful perk in the entire prestige tree. If it was not rank restricted it would simply be broken. The power to sit in cover and infinitely revive people is insane. I don't really know how you could give this perk out partially. It is just so powerful. As is, the fact that generally there will not be four Sergeants and/or Lieutenants on medic is probably the only reason it isn't completely broken. I agree, it really is balanced how obtaining and using prestige works!
  5. Why don't we make it so everyone can use the sign, it just teleports you out in front of the prison? That way if rebels or cops abuse it, they end up in the open for the other side to shoot them.
  6. Somehow that huron did not blow up on contact with the water. Such a disappointment if it just sat on the bottom of the ocean and returned to my garage
  7. There are in crates, just ignore the large stain on the back in a very convenient location!
  8. I do not fault you there. I also by no means mean to discourage you from making suggestions for new/better infamy perks. Simply wanted to give you a view of what is possible on Asylum with drones!
  9. I think you misunderstand me. I can know 100% of the time every single time someone enters the areas. If I was to sit on my drone, no one would ever be able to collect so much as a jeep of ephedra before getting busted. There is no questioning the market, oh did someone have some stored or are they doing a run, are they going to do another? I know 100% they are there right now. If you have a group of 6+ rebels you would be able to screw over every single civ running drugs. All you have to do is wait till they are at processor, go in, kill them and take their stuff. You would be able to do this to every single person running drugs in Pyrgos. There is no way to counter, you can't even hide if they lock the camera on to you. Yes, you can argue that skill comes in to being able to kill people but having an eye in the sky that you can have displayed on the side of your screen is really powerful. IF drones where ever to be given to rebels, I feel strongly that at the very least terminals would have to be illegal and seized by officers anytime someone is caught with one.
  10. I can not speak for Mitch but I can tell you why I don't think this would be a good idea. With one drone I can watch all Pyrgos side drug fields. If I so desired I could stop anyone from ever running a single drug on that side for the entire restart. Now think about rebels having the ability to stop all drug runs whenever they feel like it. You say they can be shot down with a single pistol shot and you are correct. However, I have never had a drone shot down that was not under 75m or taking off. I generally keep my drone "low" at about 200m. With a mediocre computer I can have my drone high enough people will never notice it unless they know exactly where it is, and even then it can be hard (speaking from experience shooting down bugged drones). You could always safely launch a drone by being in a secluded area or having gang mates to protect it. While there are no hard rules on drones for sgt+ there are actually soft rules we are expected to abide by. Things like not camping drug areas and using them to harass civilians. Rules like this would be rather hard to enforce on rebels. Personally, I don't use a drone really unless it at a Bank, Prison or Fed. I will very rarely use them in a chase if it happens to be nearby, we have no air unit and we lose the suspect. This is because they really are extremely powerful tools.
  11. If you need a sample of his work....
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