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  1. I didn't say you did. I just know how forum arguments go when it comes to civ things and someone like me weighs in lol.
  2. No. I can't, but given that it is changed to the way it is, I guess I will have to live with it? Yes, I know all fine and dandy coming from a career cop. I guess if you wanna say my opinion is void cause of that knock yourself out.
  3. I think some kind of option where you have to disable security on the middle, like cutting off the power to the antena (which makes them go on back up power aka hackable) would work. Make it so the perk which gives you a reduced chance of setting off the alarm on domes makes it a reduced chance when cutting the antenna. You would always set off the alarm as soon as you start hacking a dome. Also, you keep the fed cameras so you have a chance of getting spotted by those.
  4. Before I joined the APD and was playing civ with a friend we figured out how to smash and grab in one try. Literally, on our first attempt, we managed to get in get a bar each and get out and make it to rebel and sell. Our escape vehicle? A hatch sport (before bohemia messed with them). If a couple of guys can figure it out and get it on their first attempt that doesn't seem like something you have to put much time into figuring out to me. Yes you still have some risk when it comes to smash and grabbing. I personally think it is less than running meth.
  5. Smash and grabs are not at all high-risk high reward if you know what you are doing. They are actually minimal risk high reward. Often times officers are unable to soft log back to air hq, load in, grab a car and get to the fed before you can get out. The only way you get caught doing it, is if you are really slow, officers happen to be nearby, or there is a helo which can catch up with you. As for the qulin nerf as @Mitch (IFRIT) said, it isn't so much smash and grabs that was the problem. You have other options, you just need to explore them. This is not the end of your runs, you just need to realize your options. I personally have already found a solution to the qulin capacity nerf that I am happy with. I know not everyone will like the solution I have but it is what it is. I will not hand feed you a solution but I will give you this. give the wiki team time to update the prowler and qulin inventory sizes but the rest are up to date as far as I know.
  6. Congrats you three! Well deserved!
  7. Have fun @Patato
  8. I have not experienced this problem.
  9. Why do you need it? That is my point. You say you should have it but can't give a reason other than it would be cool or cops have it. Only 13% of officers have it. I will ask again. Why should all bounty hunters have it?
  10. Wouldn't really be OP? Honestly the difference between the mxm and the mx is minimal. The mxm has slightly better penetration that is really about it. If you can't hit a shot with an mx, having an mxm isn't going to change anything. Besides, wanna mxm kidnap a Corporal or Sergeant and have good roleplay. Now you can bounty hunt with an mxm. As for MK-1 only 2.15% of officers have this weapon. This includes all Admins and Captains who have retired.
  11. Bounty hunters are to act in absence of APD. Why should you be equipped with the same weaponry as the APD? I am sorry but 13.84307846076961519240379810095% aka 13.8% of officers have a mxm. Why should it be given to every single bounty hunter?
  12. Unfortunately, there is no way we can stop every bad egg from getting through. There will be ups and downs no matter what policy or changes are made. That is the reason there is an IA section on the forums. I understand not everyone can/does record 24/7. If you have an idea for a system that would help improve the guidebook knowledge of the general officer we are all ears. Not every officer is going to know 100% of the guidebook, but I agree there are major things which they should. I am sorry but a post like this thread just complaining about cops, in general, I don't personally think helps the issue. I think it usually ends in flame wars and an admin locking the thread. If you wish to speak further with me feel free to come speak me in TS.
  13. Eh, as long as I don't lose my defib I am for it
  14. I maybe mistaken, but I am pretty sure several times in the past the devs have stated they don't want to whitelist medics. I think it was even said once if they did they would remove the option for anyone else to revive. Personally I find this to be a very handy feature I wouldn't want to see removed.