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  1. I wish you luck with this. I know someone who was selling 2 Abdera 3 craters for only 1.6 mil for the two (aka 800k per).
  2. Well you see it is currently 68 degrees Fahrenheit, 58% humidity, 10 mph wind to the east and 0% chance of rain, so yes we want dirty money back. If any of those numbers change by 3 then no, we want it to stay the same. For those who do not get it, this is sarcasm.
  3. The other thing about this, it would allow SGT+ to trade dirty money for a hostage. This would give the cops a chance to get the money back.
  4. That would work also. Would have to be a limit like once per restart. Not once per higher up, just once. I just think kind of convoy protected by the APD could be fun.
  5. Then credit to him, I just think it sounds fun.
  6. I was talking to @Patato the other day and he mentioned how SGT+ used to be able to convert their personal cash to dirty money and back again. I would personally like to see this added (or re-added) With this SGT+ would be able to convert their money and then run a broadcast saying that a convoy is transporting $X from bank to fed, stop the convoy and steal the money (Just one example). I could see this adding a really fun element to the game for both rebels and cops. Charges: With regards to the charges, I propose a policy update making money laundering only applicable to banded notes. This is to stop someone from stealing the money, getting caught and then not only getting the money taken (and converted back to cash, causing the higher up to lose nothing) but also getting a 50k bounty for having it, when they only held the money for 10 seconds before being downed (Though maybe that should be part of the risk of going after a convoy like this?). As banks now payout in banded notes and cartels auto deposit into gang accounts there is currently no way to get dirty money. Why SGT+: I know some people will be wondering why I am saying SGT+. Let's face it, there are constables and sadly some corporals out there who would take the money and go convert it just to get the payday. This is not the point behind this. It is a high risk, possible reward situation. Hopefully by the time you reach the rank of Sergeant you are mature enough to not be doing this. Also if a constable or corporal goes to a Sergeant+ and says hey can I give you 50k to turn into dirty money, what reason does the higher up have to say no?
  7. Worse then revise, no Bank rocks you can not land on Corrupt cop you are
  8. When @Patato flies someone elses helo. Oh look at me go I can fly like a damn pro The ground I do see Watch as I fly above Ten meters from doom we are Oh no we went boom!
  9. Hey who are you again You are irrelevant now When was last login?
  10. I see your orange hull, engine and red main rotor and sling and raise you solid red without blowing up the helo. Screw it I can't get the link to insert properly so you can click it or be lazy and not. I don't care.
  11. Why should they add something for people who can not shoot? Learn to shoot straight. Keep in mind this is coming from someone who is very, very far from the best at arma combat. I wouldn't even consider myself good. Why should they add something to make me more of a walking tank just cause I suck at shooting? I am not going to go into the whole mk1 v mx fight... I am also with Henry, if the community voted to remove it why is it a goal again? Whatever though.
  12. You shouldn't punish someone for doing something that is not an intended mechanism that would break the economy? hmmmmmmm ok To those who think the economy is already broken that is not the point of my post so you don't need to go off on your tangent again.
  13. Hey I promise I will only send you straight to jail and not robo cop you in this situation!
  14. +1 I swear I wasn't paid to say this jk this is actually a good idea
  15. *Update* Fantastic update from Urban today. He was able to move his toes on his right foot. Tomorrow (Friday [tomorrow in my time zone])] he goes into surgery for his left kneecap. Best of luck buddy, we are all here for you.