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  1. bbgreg17

    Midamaru Meme

    If you need a sample of his work....
  2. bbgreg17

    Just your average bank Inspection

    Actually that one drowned
  3. bbgreg17

    Just your average bank Inspection

    And people wonder why the APD never wants to rp a bank
  4. bbgreg17

    Asylum exchange?

    Try checking your exchange mailbox, it should be placed in there.
  5. bbgreg17

    Server 1 Locked?

  6. bbgreg17

    Community Contest.

    "Do you know why I stopped you sir?" "Hands up where I can see them!" "This is a restricted area, please leave immediately!" "Police, Search Warrant!"
  7. bbgreg17

    slow processing bh

    Ahhhh that makes more sense, still 10 minute rules is in effect so if you are there longer than that, it is on you.
  8. bbgreg17

    slow processing bh

    So bounty hunters can tell people to just send themselves to jail? "Oh I am not actually going to take you to court house if you want to go to jail, just send yourself!" There is now no risk of another bounty hunter taking you away from them at or near court house. - 1
  9. bbgreg17

    Anarchy's Strider Space Program!

    Betcha can't do it again!
  10. bbgreg17

    Community Manager Announcement

    Grats Leady!!! If I hadn't been asleep when you joined the channel earlier I would have congratulated you then
  11. bbgreg17

    new mods

    RIP @Hunt
  12. bbgreg17

    Asylum Announcement

    Nice! Grats @Clint Beastwood and @BaDaBiNg_10-8 !!
  13. bbgreg17

    Change log 8.2.2

    Personally, I am against it coming back. If every officer online rolled on most banks that happen now with an MK and level 3 vest the rebels wouldn't stand much of a chance. And before someone goes off with the "Oh you are an LT and get an MK anyway so what do you care if others get one", think about it. If you are robbing the bank with 7 people all with MKs and there are 10 officers and those 10 officers all come with an MK the numbers just tipped in favor of the APD. Yes, skill comes into play, but if the cops severely outnumber the rebels at the bank and everyone has equal firepower the cops should win. If the cops win every time, where is the fun for the rebels? People are already complaining about the balance between officers and rebels. I see swat coming back and giving everyone an MK as just another thing to swing the balance towards the APD. A solution? Bring swat back, but give everyone rank based weaponry. Everyone gets a level 3 vest. Constables get an MX, Corporals, and Sergeants get an MXM and LTs and Captains gets an MK. This way there is an advantage to swat other than the strider, but you don't have the entire APD rolling around with MKs. Of course, any change to swat would require code, though if it is to come back at all it requires work on the part of the devs. TLDR: swat coming back the same would make cops more powerful, if it comes back give the officer the weapon they would normally (be able to have) on patrol.
  14. bbgreg17

    Change log 8.2.2

    Well, seeing as how it was removed, you should be asking when it is coming back.
  15. bbgreg17

    Server Rule Change

    Take it easy @Mitch (IFRIT), best of luck in the future whatever it holds for you!