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  1. Still more than you.
  2. 50% of the video is nothing 50% of the clips are single kill clips 50% of your resolution is gone
  3. nah I'm good ARMA and Asylum are dead to me. I'm only here for the memes. I just wanted to point out that you never really said anything until you gained some fake authority.
  4. TBH I never saw a post from you until you got support.
  5. Run over a civ standing on the edge of the road? Free game Run over a cop standing on the edge of the road? Ban
  6. too little too late
  7. *clever use of game mechanics
  8. Is everyone that is arrested at a capped bounty? Because most rebels get lethaled a few time between the the last time they were arrested and the current. It's rare that I get arrested when I have a bounty over 100k. The cap keeps it in check, but the amount of people that will get arrested at max payout will go up.
  9. Put me on blast I know you are putting me in that bucket Just because I don't play like I use to doesn't mean I'm not making good points. Somethings never change and if people can abuse a system they will.
  10. The current system of getting lethaled and pardon is not the problem at all. The real problem is cops can't stand to just lose. They would much rather get a fraction of the money and call it a win. Removing the pardon from lethals is just silly, by not pardoning it's an indirect way of buffing how much cops make by a ton. Because if you never lose your bounty sooner or later you will get arrested and you will now have the bounty of all the past engagements. They want to be able to win every fight but still be able to arrest you for a bunch of money sooner or later. If cops want to win a engagement by way of lethals it should come to a price for taking the easy way out. If anything once cops go lethals for that engagement they should have to stay lethals the entire engagement. They shouldn't be allowed to lethal people until the odds are overwhelming and they can just zerg down the last few. If anything not pardoning could increase the use of lethals. Because lethals will come at no loss to the cops so over time it would be better to lethal and zerg down the rest. So those who died can be caught later and you can now easily catch the few left that have built up bounties over past engagements. They want their cake and eat it too.
  11. No a good joke is the cops showing up out numbering rebels and going instant lethals because of your name, not getting pardoned, and spawning in a town to getting bounty hunted before you can get a car. A long time ago it would be so rare to catch a lethal, you would put people on the fed domes so they could get lethal'd. Before an unreachable place would be somewhere only reachable by heli, but now if you are on the bank roof it's instant lethals. If anything keep it the same but make it so the pardon doesn't happen until they respawn and the cops don't get paid until they respawn.
  12. Leave it as is. If It's a armed vehicle/gunner on heli/unreachable lethal them. Otherwise the cops should not be allowed to lethal until an engagement has been going on for 15+(or more) minutes and nobody has been restrained.