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  1. Oh look the same stupid hurr durr loadouts are cheap if you buy shit gear
  2. protip google is always laggy as fuck
  3. Making people go to new locations to farm money isn't "content" and even if the new locations were like OG arms kind of good, the problem still lies within the RNG. It would be like moving skip tracer or a police HQ and calling it "content". It's not "content", It's a design choice and I think a pretty poor one. Every restart is a gamble on whether you are able to run a drug the most efficient way for yourself or not. If people had the option of making the same money but for more time invested or just do it later, I think most people will just do it later(or never). Either way one location will be slower or more tedious for making money, so in actuality the rotating drug locations were pretty much just a stealth money making nerf.
  4. Hey look! Another meaningful thread with thoughtful discussion. It's a shame it won't get a response from bamf and most likely get one sentence from gnashes followed by a lock.
  5. TIL gnashes can read minds
  6. Well making money on rebel is hard, almost every aspect of rebel money making (fed/bank/robbing/cartels) is all versus others players. So how profitable it is all dependent on the skill of the player and his gang. So most likely you will have to go back and grind money, but rebel life shouldn't be a money sink to MAKE you go back and grind.
  7. Yes it's the core of the game because you need money to buy and do stuff. The post is talking about loadout prices but I'm talking about how he views the server and the balance choices he makes and will make based on this view. The point is from his post it seems like he sees all activities are just a means to spend money in order for you to go back and grind more money. From what I'm assuming is that when he is saying money making, he is talking about meth/scotch/coke. I see these activities as the mid tier gameplay and is the launching board into end game rebel life. In a RPG you should have early/mid/late game play, people need to feel like they are progressing and never really regressing when playing. Sometimes you will have set backs, but for the most part you want people to hit a certain level and be able to maintain that level. From his post it seems he was suggesting grinding money was the main form of gameplay and that you have to always go back and grind money. It seems like he wants rebel life as an endless money sink, but people don't want that. They grind coke/meth/scotch to join gangs and to reach the end game. Being a skilled rebel and cartel player should be profitable, but from his point of view it seems like he doesn't want it that way. I'm not talking about the price of loadouts or the money made from cartels, I'm talking about how I think the view "The point of a life server is to make money, spend that money, and go make more money." is wrong and I think dangerous to the life of the server. Being a skilled cop or rebel should be profitable enough for you to be able to stay at that level with little regression. Career cops for the most part don't want to go back on civ and grind money so they can buy better guns and vehicles and same goes for rebels.
  8. I'm not really saying the state of making money is good or bad, I'm pointing out the flaw in the way this DEVELOPER views the role of money making as the core of gameplay.
  9. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, is that what you think people come here to do? To make money and go on to grind more money? People are here to fight each other, have light rp, and just mess around. Making money is just a means to an end, it isn't the end. Grinding money should be the tool used to put yourself into a powerful position to enter the end game and the end game should be able to mostly sustain them if they are good enough players. The traditional way you have people making money to sustain themselves isn't fun. You can enjoy it and some people really do, but for the most part it's boring and people see it as a means to an end. Why the fuck do you think people buy money from others? It's because making money the normal way just blows and the time invested for the return is kind of shitty. Also, 5.6.1 nobody bought AD shots because they didn't work. mk1's almost never cost 10k and part of the problem is half the loadout cost is the cloths and most of the time you go naked and have to use the clothing store every 15 minute or you are getting one shot.
  10. Make them stand trial and have them answer to the people of kavala
  11. Remember when we were going to be getting war seasons like every month?