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  1. Fun

    outplayed tbh
  2. The changing of locations is essentially a money nerf in the perspective of some. In it's current form a fresh start to finish meth run isn't worth the time/risk/reward. The best way to make meth in a time efficient way while making still making good money, is to gather one ingredient at a time and store them in a house and wait till you have a good opportunity to cook the meth. I've robbed my fair share of players and it's pretty rare to find someone doing a start to finish cook. Now if I'm going to run some meth, I need to certain things to be in my favor for it to be worth while. 1. Do I own drug cartel? 2. Do I have ingredients? 3. Too many cops online? 4. Is my bounty high enough to attract bounty hunters or the APB? 5. Now Is the meth lab in the middle of nowhere this restart. I personally won't even think about meth if I don't own drug cartel. Part of the problem with meth and doing a fresh run is the short cooldown on retaking the drug cartel. By the time I get to ephedra after taking the cartel and collect enough for a box truck, somebody could already be taking drug again. It's hard to commit to a full fresh meth run because of unseen things like cartels, cops, and other civs. The first two in my list are under my control, the next two are something I must weight as a risk vs reward. But now you just added a "feature" that I have no control over and just have to hope rolls in my favor. The rotating cartels were a good change because it brought good fighting variety and the incentive is worth fighting for(unless it coke castle or desert wongs fuck those cartels just delete them already). It has always had potential money in it. But with a moving drug processor, it has just become an added inconvenience without adding any new value to the change. When making a game design change like this, what is the thought process behind it? Because from my point of view it seems like things were made harder for the sake of a "change" without adding really any gameplay or incentive behind it. I'll be honest I have yet to log in, but I also did ask for the patch to be delayed and I thought we had an agreement, But I really hope the new location isn't just a copy and paste. But from the screen shot I've seen the location doesn't look that great. I think what really kills it is the houses part of it, and the fact that this new location doesn't really have any nearby towns to support it. Players have set up houses in coordination of the activities they do. They are a huge investment and being limited to 5 really limits the capability to have houses to facilitate a players needs and wants. Right now I have 2 houses and a shed to fill those needs for cooking meth. It's a really really good set up and now if I want to keep cooking meth despite the location, I need to give up houses. So do I make the choice to downgrade my current meth houses to get houses that are still far as fuck from the new meth lab? Do I get rid of my rebel and donor houses to have a decent set up to make meth wherever the meth lab spawn and ruin my rebel fighting capabilities? Or do I just say fuck it and gamble on server restarts and see if I can cook for the next few hours. Don'tmindmeI'mstillplayingpathofexile
  3. If they blow up, nobody will do it.
  4. @bamf Bruhhhh, I thought we had a agreement?
  5. https://gyazo.com/b4670403dcb501e4a3b85bdb0612e9ed TY
  6. It helps if you actually zoom with the mrco.
  7. This weekend isn't going to really work for me, maybe we can work something out for sometime next week.
  8. My name Is Inigo Montoya you killed my father prepare to die. Joined the forums a month ago, 20 total post and 3 public post. I'm sure you are a whinny report happy dick. get lost
  9. ftfy
  10. I know people in the past that got banned for killing people while they were rag dolled. If they no longer are banning for that bullshit, I know what I'm going to start doing.
  11. Going out of your way to ram a hunter with nobody in it is kind of a grey area. But jumping out and shooting someone you just rag dolled while they are down is not allowed.