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  1. Asylum died for this.
  2. I personally think that white listing medics is just a waste of time. You'd have to set up a chief of medicine and higher ups/apps/interviews/reports, I think it's a bunch of effort for nothing. But if it were to happen you don't "have" to take away defibs from civs. I get the " you have to give them something others don't" but you could have so many options for that. You could give them the cop medic prestige talents/tacs vest/armored vehicles/better helis.
  3. Yeah maybe it's fine if one dumbass is capping the cartel. But if it's the same oil rig you don't have many places to land. If you think about the other cartels, would you ever drop in an orca that close to the cap? One scubba dude and nobody is getting close the those ladders. Now if you have to bring your own scubba dude to deal with one it's just the same problem people had with the cartel before. Someone is going to have to drop the rebel load out and get a scubba set, which takes a decent time.
  4. So it's still in the water? Cover and swim? Climb a ladder and get blasted? Drop in an orca and get slaughtered?
  5. So some restarts doing rubber is in a red zone? Unless the rig is on land it's going to be retarded to attack.
  6. So when is this kid getting perm banned?
  7. Without the group cap gang size was just an arms race on who could bring the most people to a cartel.
  8. What about the boy @Ronald?? He has been a good boy and served his time.
  9. keep this shit up and you'll end up blacklisted 34
  10. inb4 you'll never get LT 28
  11. 18
  12. It doesn't have to be at 100k, you could set it at any amount. Just today we capped drug and when we go to leave it legit had 80$ in it. That is what I'm saying, it shouldn't just disappear. The fridge having money in it served a good purpose. Before it was better to set up at another cartel instead of attacking the people taking your cartel. So people would just set up at the other one and just wait for them to attack the next cartel. The money came from just holding the cartels and people would play around that. You would play to get the other gang to log off and you could either beat them off or just not show up and wait until they got bored and left. Because defending is easier, and when you win you get to go and set up at the next cartel and defend again while they regear. Win enough the other gang logs off and you just hold the cartel and make a bunch of money. At least up until now you wouldn't want someone to get away with that 100k. But now I can just wait and save my loadout and take it back when they leave. This also brings up that the timer before being able to recap should be higher. I didn't put a stopwatch to it, but we had drug for like 3 hours and arms for almost 2 and in that time we got 32k. At that rate I have no reason to be in a rush to defend that cartel when I could just go back later and not miss out on much. TLDR: Either let the fridge build up a bit more before it auto deposits or just get rid of the fridge altogether.
  13. But by the time you cap it whatever was in fridge when you started is gone. Along with whatever was made during it being contested just goes nowhere. Leaving a good chunk in the crate gives incentive to try and take the cartel and the auto deposit is a good incentive to try and defend and hold the cartel.