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  1. No a good joke is the cops showing up out numbering rebels and going instant lethals because of your name, not getting pardoned, and spawning in a town to getting bounty hunted before you can get a car. A long time ago it would be so rare to catch a lethal, you would put people on the fed domes so they could get lethal'd. Before an unreachable place would be somewhere only reachable by heli, but now if you are on the bank roof it's instant lethals. If anything keep it the same but make it so the pardon doesn't happen until they respawn and the cops don't get paid until they respawn.
  2. Leave it as is. If It's a armed vehicle/gunner on heli/unreachable lethal them. Otherwise the cops should not be allowed to lethal until an engagement has been going on for 15+(or more) minutes and nobody has been restrained.
  3. last
  4. adds 3 objects and it's game changing content
  5. Amateurs
  6. I don't know either, kinda why I'm asking the questions.
  7. So one has access to github and the other 2 have very little communication. I feel like the lack of communication from the other 2 might be because they don't have github access?
  8. Maybe it's time to open up more access to contributors so they can get more meaningful work done? Because it seems like every time people cry about lack of updates we get the obligatory "I work 80 hours a week" or "maybe if I was paid I'd make more time for asylum" Because if you don't have the time to work on asylum why not allow others appropriate access so they can donate their time and skills for the betterment of asylum?
  9. zzzz
  10. -5/10 this is why your post to like ratio is trash
  11. I guess rod won't be funding our experimental rocket program.