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  1. I don't think they can check playtime, evident by the fact I am yet to be marked inactive.
  2. This decline is just the natural fall of a community. It happens. It sucks to those who hold on. But, there isn't anything to bring back many players to reinstate the community like it once was.
  3. Too much effort for something with too little meaning.
  4. What is your main account? If you're gonna be autistic, don't hide behind an alternate account.
  5. *You're Can't call others retarded when you're retarded.
  6. Move.
  7. As this man's lawyer, I'd...
  8. A bit more accurate...
  9. I got jebaited.
  10. You sure?
  11. Why?
  12. Finally quality over quantity.
  13. I really dislike your profile picture and name.