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  1. Just a thought regarding additional ways for gangs to make money and incentives the capture of turfs by players/gangs.
  2. Do gang perks work at East? @Google™ too.
  3. Is this screenshot pre-papabing/dr.yeetwood? Also, last time I used a picture of someone else in the community as a forum profile picture, I got banned for eight months.
  4. I haven't laughed that hard in a while.
  5. Introduction: Thankfully the 2017 edition of "Inadequacies and Problems with the Asylum Website" lead to changes in mentioned islands, dead links, linking the wiki, etc, I hope that the 2019 edition can finally lead to additional changes. I am not going to address the front page pictures as they are currently being addressed in the Community Contest. This post is only to point out the inadequacies and problems with the Asylum website and provide potential solutions. "Servers" Drop-down Menu: Currently, the "Servers" tab possesses a drop-down menu which leads to a single link, unlike other tabs which have drop-down menus that lead to multiple links. The drop-down menu could be easily removed and the link it is linked to could easily be added to the "Servers" tab, thus simplify the function of the tab. Season Rankings and Asylum's Most Wanted List links: Since the implementation of the Seasons Rankings and Most Want List the links have been rather small and easy to miss. I believe that this feature is under-utilized due the links small size. I believe that an increase in prominence on the main Asylum page would not only fit better with the style of the site but also increase the visibility of the feature. As well, it should be considered to add these two pages to one of the drop-down menus of the "Servers" tab. As a side note, any chance the top-3 players image could get centered? It is slightly shifted to the left compared to the links and the rest of the page. Community Goals Description: This one is pretty self-explanatory. The last section should be removed as it pertained to April of 2018 when community perks were overhauled. Updated Pictures for Features: The main page isn't the only place on the Asylum Website where pre-2016 pictures remain. All of the features still are shown off using pictures before 2016's graphical overhaul. @Mitch (IFRIT) should consider hosting an additional contest to get all nineteen feature pages updated with post-2016 pictures. Add Additional Features: Lazer Tag is looking awfully lonely on this last page. Is Lazer Tag even a thing anymore? Three prominent features missing from the features are the Asylum Exchange, Bounty Hunter Honor Tree, and the Infamy Tree. All three of these could be added to show users that there is content that takes allows for dedication. This too could be added to the previously mentioned contest. The descriptions and pictures could be crowd sourced. Consolidate the Community Goal Note: I know that some are not the brightest but do we really need to separate warning letting users know this isn't for donations? I think that this could be simplified to two notes and that the "Donate" button could be changed to "Donate to Community Goals" for the sake of clarity. What's happening to What's Happening?: Before I get into the patch note organization on the Asylum website, I would like to bring up the current status of the "What's Happening" section on the main page. I must suggest either an integration with the forums or a redirect to the forums' patch notes or either a complete removal of this section since it looks like "What's Happening" happened seven months ago at the moment. Categories and Archives: If one were to click on a patch note they would be linked to a page with an outdated patch with a lovely menu that displays additional outdated material. If one were to go to any of the categories they would be greeted to the glory days of 6.x.x patches. For archival purposes, I say keep it, but I must recommend updating the "Major updates" to contain the patch notes of 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, etc. and the "Patch Notes" section to contain all additional patch notes. For now, it looks that all the 8.x.x patches are uncategorized. 50 cal: This picture of a 50 cal is from the pre-2016 graphical overall. Consider utilizing a newer photo. Conclusion: I understand that the Asylum website has never been a source for accurate information but to new players it is their first source of information about the server. First impressions mean everything. Things have come a long ways and I hope that this can be used to make the website more usable and desirable to players. Any additional thoughts and ideas will be commented or edited on to this post depending on the lock status. Once @Mitch (IFRIT), @Leady, @BaDaBiNg_10-8, or @Clint Beastwood have an opportunity to review this post, please take this stuff into consideration. Thanks. 2017 Edition:
  6. You must have fucked up the picture because you got two x values. Thus w is zero since x is 3.4. r is at least 5.1.
  7. My meme.