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  1. Google was showing this off in TS yeaterday. Proceed with great caution...
  2. Everyone complains about the grind. But if you don't want to grind, play on a 2x, 5x, 10x, etc. server.
  3. Or make it a "Perm (Let's Talk)" and then just straight BABS if they are repeat offenders.
  4. @bamf Please lock upon review. @Gnashes If possible, please forward to bamf, thanks.
  5. These type of polls are why none of this will ever be implemented.
  6. Chill.
  7. This is some thick drama. Gonna be in tomorrow's scoop?
  8. @Google™ Nice Alt, I like what your doing with it. Don't go bragging to people about your sick alt meme accounts (Amazon, DramaAlert, Jake Paul, etc.).
  9. Have you tried turning it on and off? As well, SLIing 1080s is a bad idea.
  10. Which step are we on? It's over, just have fun while it lasts.
  11. My fathers adopted me and named me Maric.
  12. You cant report yourself, so go for it.
  13. Introduction It has been common knowledge that the Asylum Website ( has been outdated. Screenshots are from before 2015 and some features are removed or missing. If a new player were to join the, "The World's Most Developed Altis & Tanoa Life Servers", it would be very discouraging to be greeted with a heavily outdated website. This post is only to point out the inadequacies and problems with the Asylum Website and provide potential solutions. Inadequacies and Problems with the Asylum Website: Change the Slogan(s): The slogan(s), "The World's Largest Life Community", "The World's Most Developed Altis & Tanoa Life Servers", and "Five Large Servers with Inter-connected Players", are bold statements. The second and third of which do not even hold any merit as Asylum no longer hosts a Tanoa Life Server or fifth server at all. I suggest changing the the second slogan to, "The World's Most Developed Altis Life Server" and the third slogan to "Four Large Servers with Inter-connected Players". Examples to existing slogans: Update the listed "Features": The features page suffers from a lack of updating as the game has progressed. Many new features (such as the creation of alcohol, crafting, Asylum Exchange, etc.) are completely missing. As well, there are some listed features which don't work or have since been removed (such as Vehicle Races, Real-World Weather, etc.). I recommend either updating the features list and their corresponding descriptions or either having this section of the website redirect to a section of the wiki which lists the features of Asylum's Altis Life. Current "Features" Page: Completely remove the Market: Although the market was removed nearly a year ago, there are still some traces of it on the website. When a player log in via their Steam account, on the "My Asylum" page, the market still shows up as an option in the top right. I suggest that the market should be completely removed as the feature has been removed for over a year. The "My Asylum" Page: Where the "Market" links to: Completely Update or Remove the "Category Archives": As it stands there are is a section of the Asylum website that archives that in-game updates (, but until a few weeks ago this had not been updated in at least a year. Right now, the updates and patch notes are being archived in the "Uncategorized" section of the "Category Archives". The "Major Updates" and "Patch Notes' sections contains patch notes from up to September of 2016 (AKA the release of 6.8.0). I do not know how the archives functions (manual input or automatic), so I will offer two solutions. If the system was manual, relocate the content in the "Uncategorized" section. But, if the system was automatic, I have no solution other then fixing the automatic system. Categories in the "Category Archives": Content from the "Uncategorized" category: Content from the "Major Updates" category: Content from the "Patch Notes" category: Update screenshots on front page and "Features" list: In April of 2016, Arma 3 received a massive graphical overhaul, but the Asylum website did not. The background of the front page of the website is a outdated slideshow of two screenshots taken before the 2016 graphical update. Additionally, the "Features" page also contains all outdated screenshots. I suggest maybe placing a bounty for members of the community to provide new screenshots to showcase the features. Screenshots from front page: Screenshots from "Features" page: Conclusion: I understand that the Asylum website has never been a source for accurate information, that job is given to the wiki , but to new players it is their first source of information about the server. First impressions mean everything and if you want to draw in players to the "The World's Most Developed Altis & Tanoa Life Servers", the first thing they see should be at least updated. Even if there are no intentions to ever update the website and transition to using the wiki, I recommend, at the minimum, to link the wiki ( to the main website. This is directed to @bamf and possibly the M.I.A @Paratus Once the proper people have had a opportunity to review this post, please lock.
  14. I need money to pay for hearing aids. I forgot to disconnect during a restart. Never forget to disconnect...
  15. Hey there buddy, [Insert passive aggressive remark]. I got to here before I stopped reading. It's people's choice to buy a MK1, Pilots/CSATs, full medical, etc. 60k for 30-40 minutes of work seems pretty fucking good compared to every other method of making money. Based on your calculations, this is the most profitable way to make money for the time spent. Thus, the best way to make money should be the most risky, hence all the disadvantages rebels should and do have.