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  1. @bamf or whoever either wrote or published a privacy policy, thank you because I think few will ever view it. Before I remember it being a bunch of default gibberish. As well, I appreciate the up-to-date nature of the Asylum website within the past year. Although such work is appreciated by few, it is still appreciated.
  2. Can't you just get those from skip?
  3. Updated 06/17/19 @bamf @Gnashes What was the reasoning behind #33 being removed?
  4. 70k in DP5
  5. If you read the first post, this would have been made clear.
  6. You have the "what" will be implemented, but you also need the "how" it will be implemented. Why is $1,000 a good balance compared to its price? What exactly should the capacity be for the price?
  7. What do oil trucks do? Only allow the harvesting of oil and cost just as much, if not more depending on the demand. The only downside proposed is that for 20 to 30 more virtual inventory space it will cost $750 more than a carry-all. As well, the developers would like specifics when it comes to implementing new things. Ranges and generalizations are not very helpful.
  8. No. If it was to be added, it would have already been added.
  9. There is nothing more. I wrote that page with the guidance of @Farmer Steve Loves Bada and @Bag Of Funyuns, whom have the most experience with governorship as far as I know.
  11. Just like FPS, if they knew how to fix it, it would be fixed. Most people don't give a "great story". Cool story Bob. Cadets are there to learn. Your all about being more lenient but the second someone does something to you it is not okay. If you feel that they did anything wrong report it to internal affairs. Don't waste your time negotiating with someone who doesn't realize what they did was wrong. Read what you wrote. Your point is mute due to this hypocrisy. Did the same thing two years ago and got a 1 week ban. As an officer, you are expected to uphold the rules of the server on duty or not. It is not acceptable to close gates on cars maliciously and you got punished for it. The phrase does not explain itself. Based on your delusional understanding of the server and community, there is no "we". Once again, there is no "we". There is bamf and Gnashes. Very specific and helpful for the developers to fix. It takes more than one instance to prove lag switching. There are systems in place to figure out if a player is lag switching. A potential lag switcher will always get caught. Overall, you wasted your time making this post. Most of what you said is meaningless and simply false.
  12. Maybe implement an original content only rule?
  13. Mitch, I appreciate your efforts in ensuring that everyone's voice is heard. I do agree that the toxicity from some is unfair to the numerous hours of work you, the admin team, support staff, and developers have put into Asylum. However, I feel that what you communicate to the developers it goes in one ear and out the other. Nothing seems to get accomplished. That may be from the lack of attention from the players or the lack of communication from the developers about what happens behind the scenes. Now regarding making change, I think there are plenty of community members who are willing to put in effort to make change or facilitate change, but the lack of an actual "open door" policy regarding assisting the developers is the obstacle. This does not count based on the testimony of Destrah. Nonetheless, I think it is essential for the developers to more openly allow ideas and concepts to be worked on by the community alongside the developers rather then having ideas be "passed on" and never heard of again.
  14. Can't wait to see Mitch's obnoxiously long post regarding this topic.