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  1. In my experience, some of the actions of these higher ups which may be deemed as corrupt or unlawful are usually in the taste of having fun and are rarely, if ever, in poor taste. However, I think that there are plenty of lower-downs which may view the behavior acceptable and take things too far to the point where the hurt feelings counter goes up. Captains should set an example along with all other higher-ups. I think that the mindset that captains are immune is due to a lack of transparency when it comes to what actions were taken. How it is you want to address the transparency is up to the Owners and we, as a community, have no entitlement to that information. But, maybe for the sake of alleviating the frustrations of the community regarding this issue, such discipline is disclosed.
  2. Maric


    I know one that'll pay after they start competing
  3. Is there any chance we will see a buff to excavating after it was indirectly nerfed by the change in oil?
  4. I'll do the formatting if one of the curators or bureaucrats make the page.
  5. Make a map of Kavala. Sign House, Square House, Farmersville Estate, Courthouse House, ATM, Bounty Hunter ATM, Gunstore ATM, Hospital Rocks, PD Rocks, etc.
  6. Maric

    Need settings

    Windows XP
  7. Have you tried turning it on and off?
  8. Maric

    Asylum is exposed

    Not a bad idea though...
  9. Any chance we'll see a closed beta for Asylum V2?
  10. Maric

    Need a new name

    God's Perfect Weapon
  11. Maric

    Stuff for sale

    That's a thinker. @justi might want to throw the admin that said it was fine under the bus to keep those crates.
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