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  1. Make me an offer
  2. I can run Arma 3 without any frame drops with a Ryzen 1700x and a GTX 1080. I only have a 1700x due to my multi-tasking. The 1080 is overkill for just Arma 3. For just Arma, the best quad-core you can get will do you best. You should then get a SSD instead of a 1080; A 1070 will serve you fine.
  3. Houston, we may have a problem. @Gnashes @bamf
  4. Probably should mention which server
  5. Since I have returned to Asylum, about a month ago, I have yet to ever have a trial occur. It has always been denied. I am curious to know what the community thinks the payout for attending a trail should be, which would then give more of an incentive to attend. Please comment any additional options and suggestions for buffing the payout.
  6. Fridge should fill up again.
  7. bump
  8. Which house are you interested in trading? I am taking offers right now. There is no set price.
  9. I've had a previous offer of 425k