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  1. I got a six month vacation with a actual picture.
  2. This is a run-on sentence.
  3. Thanks for letting the community know.
  4. It was all a ruse. S2 is never coming back. RIP houses.
  5. just buff the money and increase the cost of the speed bomb van
  6. You are fighting a lost war...
  7. Taking offers on all properties.
  8. Can you please make a guide on how not to kill a gaming community?
  9. minesweeper
  10. Hopefully Paratus learns from the course of events that have occurred over the past year or so on his and bamf's Arma 3 server, or Identity community will surely die quicker then Asylum's community.
  11. I wouldn't blame this on the administration, but rather the failure of the owners to clearly establish how they want this game mode to be played. The hands off approach of the owners has been destructive to the community.
  12. When I have gotten clarification on what point you can kill someone, properly, I've been told that you can be killed regardless of whether you meet the demands of the hostiles by some of the administration. Basically, you'll be killed regardless if you can comply because people make up endless and impossible demands,