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  1. Imagine looking like a thumb from spy kids.
  2. Maric

    Need a New PC

    Drop the 960 and just get a 1 TB 970.
  3. INB4 crying about money.
  4. All this cancer seems to stem from a vocal minority.
  5. Even better. Sounds like you're listening to the feedback of the community that you are not wanted here by many.
  6. I'll donate to tier 7 if you perm mod-que jack.
  7. Yeah. Throw a brick at them too.
  8. Would you mind if I cited you in my study of devolution?
  9. Why would you start off with such a retarded statement? You need to sprinkle those in so they aren't as obvious.
  10. You're playing the wrong game if you think skills, aim, kills, KDA, etc. matters.
  11. How does one react to this statement? I am in an instantaneous state of cringe and sadness. I'd like you to not play on Asylum, but then again it isn't nice to be mean to the disabled.
  12. lol. doesn't even know proper terminology. u should have told me to go back to the guildhall.
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