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  1. I'll be active when you get LT . I've got at least a year or two before they feel bad enough to give it to you
  2. oh does this mean I can unretire now?
  3. In game name:Papa Austin Age:19 Arma 3 Hours (Include Screenshot):no Anyone in the gang who can vouch for you? (If so who?) Roster Leaders: InnateOcean Senior Members: Ivan Kevin Vlad Members: Broke Nino Brown Issac Muffin YuSheng Cbakes .David Mason Harry
  4. oh boy that guy must be fuming
  5. That was my hunter Nice shot though
  6. Its been great, we did 3 2 banks and a fed or two and the server didn't lag at all
  7. this was not staged I witnessed this first hand
  8. Sucks to see you go man, glad I could make you laugh in some way shape or form. Next time you’re on come hop on P3. See ya around! o7
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