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  1. Patch is amazing! Thanks for getting things moving! Looking forward to what else is to come!
  2. Do you intentionally just try to ruin every post you type in?
  3. We have two devs.. who are busy with IRL jobs and IRL things. We have a contributor trying to fix the server.. Let's fix current before trying for a new map.. that way when new issues arise, they are not trying to implement new over fixing current.
  4. All I can picture right now is Lil tay at home.. not responding.. triggered...
  5. You are so triggered right now that you can't even complete a coherent sentence... Please.. go take a nebulizer session and calm the fuck down.
  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAaa.. nice joke..
  7. @bamf Thank you for the update and allowing someone from the outside, in, to see what they can do! @Poseidon fix shit please.
  8. Noice.
  9. 4, actually have that and a 70k right next to each other, currently on the market.
  10. Closest I have is HQ 220k if you're interested.
  11. we can't even get quality 100mbps let alone 2.5gbps
  12. Broken link.
  13. Are you just looking to argue on a monday morning?