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  1. He really didn't do anything but say Hey officer, he didn't say i want to turn myself in, he didn't really TRY to contact them, he just ran around what looks to be a hectic scene and they left without paying much notice to him. The BH down'ed him, realized he didn't have any zip ties, purchased them and came back to cuff him. From what I can tell... but yes, he probably would have been back up and able to run off or around before the BH got back.. as the BH pleaded his case with the cops that he downed him, the cops could have gone either way.. they chose to not fight it and gave him to the BH.. Nothing foul that I can see.
  2. Read LAST message in my pic.. nuff' said.
  3. Got my info from the man himself. https://gyazo.com/1015146093a731619eb3fbf41cfa8f66 GnashesLast Monday at 2:29 PM Not enough for a gold bar is the idea AKA - snatch and grabs. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @Zoex
  4. Storage was lowered to stop smash and grabs. Won't be going back up from what I've heard.
  5. Can confirm, no more smash and grabs in Quillins.
  6. The admins know when the server has issues, I'm guessing they can tell the difference between someone logging out due to a server shitting the bed.. over someone Combat Logging.. Unless you just have a money hungry ass hole cop, most of them are not going to report someone if the server goes to shit..
  7. For some reason I have a feeling a lot of the bans are still a legit ban.. Don't log out if you're in combat.. simple enough.
  8. Why do you think he had to down the cop to get you?
  9. Well shit.. o7 add me on steam and we'll play other shit, when I'm not on cop.
  10. Patch is amazing! Thanks for getting things moving! Looking forward to what else is to come!
  11. Do you intentionally just try to ruin every post you type in?
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