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  1. The butthurt is gone? xD Glad to have you back newb. Good luck with the updates since you've been gone.
  2. Who are you?
  3. There are a few posts requesting it and the admins saying why not.. but I don't have specific posts.. Should be searchable.
  4. Admins have already said no to this many times. You are not going to change their minds.
  5. Forgot to trim the video, skip to about 1:50 - Guess reading the title and skipping the shit should mean you explain better. Just another shit post..
  6. so.. you jumped from a helicopter, with a shitty aspect ratio.. and were too mesmerized by your 61fps that you forgot to pull the chute? or are you just retarded and looking for likes with a shit post?
  7. I'll check when i get home, but I remember excavating in a camo sub.
  8. I have a camo one.
  9. the sub is already implemented..
  10. whats being tired have to do with not being first?
  11. o7

  12. If both of ya'll don't like the game, why are you still here on the forums?
  13. 7+ runs it fine the time i tried it.. once i realized bots i deleted it.. might have to try it on my ipad though for bigger screen.
  14. Up until level 10 you play bots.. nice job killing bots.. ;-)