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  1. One that doesn't have cheaters??
  2. That won't help you FYI. If you're doing shit that is illegal (asylum or otherwise) a virtual machine is only a wall, not inpossible to climb
  3. Accusations no proof. I thought dis was bout 2 B gud
  4. Hmmm Going through their smurffy accounts and be like:
  5. @Bikstok I love you. Similar minds @explicit how about this guy?
  6. I literally just spit cereal across the table. So funny
  7. its.... rendering... ok?! XD
  8. I knew it. Im WAY too rusty.... BTW; video is finally rendering all lets all stay civil and not get it hid by @haphazard ok?
  9. Soon, actually. I'm here for the long haul;) This isn't a one-and-done. I'm hardly got through some initial editing today when I got handed ANOTHER case of hacking. This one isn't as high profile, but it's gonna be good
  10. Game match set.
  11. There's nothing to find. You live at home with your mother because you're 14 years old and look forward to the day you can earn money by working at mcdonalds. jk I love you Brandon. Favorite x-squeaker out there
  12. In light of recent events I'm giving the 6 admins I reported to 24 hours to inform me how they'd like to respond to recent info. I'll respect them because they respect us. There's a lot at play here; but I'm sure it'll play out
  13. I'm not an anti cheat. I'm just a shadow of accountability but more so community. I don't feel good right now. It actually sucks knowing it's true
  14. Hey all. I'd LOVE to introduce myself. I go by Exposed.exe and I serve 2 simple functions. Education and entertainment. As dorky as this sounds; give me a chance to elaborate. Its not secret, l33t haxors live under the radar and thrive in this community thinking their God-like skill is actually real; and not what it actually is: downloaded. They don't have every-one fooled though. EDUCATION: Now; I have principles. I turn every finding over to admins of this system; prior to public realease. This insures zero interference with ongoing "manual" investigations. ENTERTAINMENT: Once a time frame passes in which traction is either made (or lost) in findings- I release it. Open. Free of accusations: just simple information packed into a fun; family friendly, theatre short-film. THE CLIFFHANGER: You decide. After all I just provide the information. I don't make humans to be the bad guys, I just gather and process information for you to review, and hopefully be informed about! I look forward to sharing my first project with you soon. cout << endtransmission << "good bye" << endl; return 0;