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  1. You can only vote for one. If I could vote for more than one thing then it would be a higher minimum bounty + a gear nerf. V1 BH was way too good and it fucked the server.
  3. That and if people believe this server is the type of Altis Life server you have to be whitelisted for then it will keep people from playing. I get that there's people who want to ruin things and yeah doing a temporary whitelist stops some but others are just going to wait for it to be lifted. Might as well just get it over with and get them banned sooner rather than later.
  4. If they removed the whitelisting it would be more populated
  5. I get that people would try to ruin the launch but whitelisting is a little ridiculous. It should be removed already
  6. Nah Rando is THE rat. The admin team is holding him as a political prisoner because if our boy got his hands on the tractor then we're all fucked.
  7. That's a start. Also remove pilot coveralls for BH and increase the price of the license so if you do get caught doing illegal shit it will cost you
  8. That scared of a two shot weapon? Man, how the mighty have fallen. Yikes.
  9. I sorta feel like whitelisted medics is gonna be a bad idea. The only way to make it useful is to make people wait on a respawn screen instead of spawning after 45 seconds. Nobody is going to want that. Unless medic gets like some interesting side jobs I think it's just going to make things more annoying
  10. Are yall gonna keep bitching about shotguns now that they are slugs only?
  11. I want Halo MCC on PC. That's a V2 that I didn't fucking get this summer
  12. I'd like BH to be removed or at least heavily nerfed. V1 bounty hunter was basically a improved rebel license. I would be okay with BH's having MXs but they should not get coveralls and shit like that or a hunter. Obviously a much higher minimum bounty is needed like 25k or higher. also, I think rebel should always be made better than BH and the route players will want to go. V1 bounty hunter was better logically in my opinion, you could do rebel shit better and with downing guns which are an advantage because anyone you ziptie can't come back and get another chance of get getting their stolen shit back. If you're playing BH you should be more forced to play as someone following laws and if you are downing people who aren't your bounty or stealing shit you should be insta jailed for abusing the license like the old days. Just some thoughts, although I rather see BH gone. Fighting is more fun without them. Maybe the solution is to make constable more fun to play?
  13. Strife with the tanks and jets gone and less capture points would probably be a lot of fun
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