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  1. Elaiscancer


    The darkest day for Kavala trolls
  2. Our dungeon can always use more cops.
  3. Elaiscancer

    View Bans on My Asylum page

    Dull. You are most known for crying about FSA and calling them Islamophobic and racist. You're a career cop and nobody gives a fuck about you. Congratz that you found out that admins and higher ups will play with anyone who will suck their dick and say how great they are.
  4. Elaiscancer

    Brave hero protects e-girl from violent criminal

    Cringe. Surprised he isn't a sergeant or LT in the APD
  5. Elaiscancer

    richest gangs

    House Honey Dicks can always start using spells to generate wealth. Dupius maximumus
  6. Elaiscancer

    Kavala Ratting

    I don't even know who you are other than a sweaty nerd who makes shitty montages that everyone memes on so
  7. Elaiscancer

    Kavala Ratting

    Better than @Proud's montages but this isn't scratching the surface of the art of being a Kavala troll so it's gonna be a no from me dawg
  8. Elaiscancer


    Tbh if I had to deal with the APD and their autism for an extended amount of time I would go insane too
  9. Elaiscancer


    Kids couldn't survive MW2 lobbies either
  10. Elaiscancer


    Don't know Dredd. But this isn't that bad. You get called far worse shit in any gang communications lmfao
  11. Elaiscancer


    They finally got me. Took ya long enough
  12. Elaiscancer

    Sidechat Idea..

    You guys are way too sensitive lmfao
  13. Elaiscancer

    Make the new weapons craftable

    Somebody think of the children
  14. Plz I'm tired of crafting 7.62s
  15. Elaiscancer

    blackmarket move

    Fuck no