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  1. Okay lol. This is a video game. If you are going to make the rules and hold people to standards you created then you should also be held to them as well. Do as I say not do as I do is a way to quickly make things a joke.
  2. I'm not going to say names but there is 100% a retired captain ( Still retired and not removed, to my knowledge ) who lethals and sends to jail for no reason other than you hurt his feelings.
  3. Part of the problem is that it will diminish roleplay because the first thing so many cops will do is initiate, restrain and search if people are in an HQ and not be interested in much else.
  4. I'm leaning towards an alien invasion expansion. Somebody found a file string or something along those lines that an expansion might be called contact. There's also two pieces of evidence that really support this which is https://imgur.com/BCtpgRG - This is a texture file that has been in the game for ages. This was done for April fools I believe but there's an ayylmao being shot. Lastly I'll leave you with a quote that's from one of the SITREPS ( I think ) which is "we do have quite some new content lined up. For example, our developers in Bohemia's Amsterdam office are collaborating with our people in the Czech Republic and Thailand on a fairly unusual yet sizeable Arma 3 DLC. This is progressing very nicely, and it'll bring various bigger and smaller assets to the wider Arma 3 sandbox, alongside several top secret components. Nothing else afaik." So I bet it's aliens. I don't think it's particularly a good idea, most Arma players want new weapons, vehicles and factions that are useable on things on like KOTH or Altis life. Also, Aliens would likely have to use the same AI that regular soldiers do so it's going to look incredibly bad unless they improve AI and the engine. But if it adds more useable weapons and vehicles then it can't be the worst thing to come out but I don't think they really understand their own community lol.
  5. At first I felt kinda bad when I demoted you and you raged quit but you have reassured me that it was the right choice.
  6. Although this is late we would like to have a moment of silence for @Brown Syndrome for his heroic efforts. He died fighting the good fight and most importantly he didndunuffin. Legend has it that Brown's ghost is still raping people's sisters. In addition, @Kawaii I would like to file a motion that he is posthumously awarded rank 1 for his sacrifice for the greater good for the people of Kavala.
  7. Hey, I want Asylum to thrive because most other Altis Life servers suck and there's nothing else like it. It doesn't mean I am going to play on an unpopulated server just to contribute or whatever. I wanna get back to having fun on Asylum but there's literally nothing to do right now because there's hardly any players on at any given time. I hope there's a population boom the further we get into summer but more likely than not you're going to have to take off a server if you want a consistent population.
  8. Part of what makes Olympus more attractive to people is the fact that it is easy to make money. Don't fall into Bamf and Gnashes's thinking that people should grind a ton to make money. People ultimately don't want to spend a lot of time making money on a Arma mission, they do want to get into the action and have fun. Half-AFKing and waiting for your inventory to fill up is necessary but people shouldn't be having to do that shit constantly. It's not fun for the majority of people.
  9. Well hey, I played when there was actually populated servers and it crashed. There's no point playing now, literally nobody is ever on and it's boring.
  10. So you're expecting people to play on low pop servers until an update arrives? Yeah, that's not a great idea. I much rather play on unstable server that actually has players and shit to do rather than an empty one with fuck all to do.
  11. I've robbed plenty of people there and stole all of their material, which especially hurts when they are crafting expensive vehicles. It's also not entirely the point. The trade off to black market was that it made less than a lot of money making methods but had lower risk in compassion to cocaine, meth, etc. and now it's lost all of it's benefits when it is even less profitable than other methods and riskier. It's now pointless to craft guns to sell and that's bad because if people aren't running guns then weapons will be in high demand more often.
  12. Don't like the black market changes as it wasn't needed and makes no sense and you need people crafting weapons so they remain cheap to buy at rebel, I hope this gets reverted. Some of you are overreacting to the scotch changes though because it's not very likely a cop is going to catch you gathering barely.
  13. Yeah three servers can't be sustained it seems. I would love if there was only one so it's at least always active.
  14. Very good guide. However, your tactical spots are off. Hospital can be used to shoot from temporarily but you will get overwhelmed quickly if you stay and all the rest of the spots named are death traps. Best way to engage police and cuck civilians who do not know of our ways is from house to house and staying mobile and taking Iraqi pot shots and gtfoing
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