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  1. Don't listen to the haters you keep doin' you fam
  2. Star Citizen is boring. There's literally nothing to do on there and so much shit is broken. Still better than Identity tho
  3. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day Is ruined
  4. I just wish Arma 3 battle royale was still popular. I played the shit out of that. PUBG was shit in comparison
  5. Big if true
  6. All those poor cats are going to be euthanized because Paratus ain't finishing this garbage. No refunds btw
  7. How many players are in a match?
  8. Four years of development for 15% of the time game for $30 and the town square is a broken mess. Or a game company making an online game that was meant to sell those sweet microtransactions to Bethesda fanboys who will buy them because they think Bethesda is their friend. I guess I'll pick Identity because I don't know how you work on a game for four years and offer so little. There's no way the town square was truly worked on for even a year. Probably placed down assets for a trailer and real functionality was worked on for a couple of months. I can't tell if it's a scam or just Paratus thinking he knows what he's doing because he added onto Tonic's Altis Life mission file.
  9. With botnets and weaponized autism and toxicity Asylum could bring T-series down. Who's going to call the family members of whoever runs T-series?
  10. This is just great to watch. Paratus bamboozled all kinds of people with that kickstarter after capitalizing on the success of Asylum's servers and now he's having to pay for it.
  11. I don't want this to be an end of an era. NATO needs to band together and invade India and confiscate all phones that are auto-subscribing to T-series
  12. The Identity discord was where the true RP was at. It was fun catching up with yall
  13. Sheriff Rick here. The discord was lit but I got banned off of it for being critical or something lol