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  1. warfighter

    make air delivery jobs great again

    There are legal ways to make decent money. Oil, excavating. I feel like the significant resources required to do air delivery should result in a more significant payout, perhaps slightly less than oil and excavating but close. Plus air deliveries are just fun and should be encouraged by game. Or you could do drug runner flights and tell yourself and the cops that you're trafficking off-brand generic meds from Canada that are only banned by the corrupt capitalist Altis big pharma lobbyists.
  2. warfighter

    Change Log 8.3.1

    I'm going to miss parole, it was fun to RP, especially with new players who would immediately violate it and then I'd arrest them again and we'd have a good laugh. I wish there was a way to keep it. Maybe have parole as an extra option that does not reduce/remove charges or earn the cop money. Maybe parole can be tacked on to violent offenders AFTER the ticket is paid and only pings if they're violent again.
  3. warfighter

    Car show, street race, destruction derby

    2014. It's time for another round
  4. Gaging interest and getting comments on a car show followed by street racing and a destruction derby. Contestants will pay something like a 10k ante and meet in the salt flats to vote on the best vehicle skin. After the winner is selected he receives 10% of the pot. Police should be welcome to compete in any of these events using APD vehicles and skins. The next event will be a street race from salt flat drug runner 4 to Athira checkpoint gate. 3 winners get 40, 30, and 20 percent of the pot. Race will begin with a flare gun and be live streamed from a Caesar BTT or something. A final separate optional event will be a destruction derby. Each contestant will pick from any vehicle including armor and will have a driver and 1 gunner if desired. VDM rules should be suspended for this event. I am looking for suggestions on the objective for a destruction derby that would work for Asylum. I think a simple last man standing rule works. All vehicles must stay in the salt flat or something. Please give me your suggestions and let me know if you want to do some test runs so that we can come up with optimal scenarios. Let me know if something like this has been done before and we won't have to "reinvent the wheel" After the event we can catalogue all the video footage and make a montage of all racers videos
  5. warfighter

    Skip Tracer

    Or at least a BH shop
  6. warfighter

    Server 1: Testing Stuffs

    both #1 and #2 have been craptastic for the last hour
  7. warfighter

    How Asylum changed a person's real life

    This reminds me of the year i spent in Dachau I learned German fluently I just want to thank: Obersturmbannführer Petrus Knauer Oberstarbeitsführer Adelar Pfitzner Sturmmann Alfons Tisch Oberscharführer Gerold Bahnsen Obergefreiter Günther Blomberg
  8. warfighter

    Change log 8.2.0

    As a bounty hunter I predict that we will be among the most popular targets of assassin contacts.
  9. warfighter

    Is this the bathroom?

    Word came to me that the fugitive known on the street as "lolob" was in some real deep legal doo doo, He was on the run from several murder charges. It was my job to bring him in to the courthouse. I employed the Disney World Dummy Act to move to within striking range. I really caught my quarry with his pants down.
  10. Very often when I go through a server restart by exiting before shutdown and then logging back in later I will start with pain or injury. For example I just logged back in to server 1 or 2 right now after a server restart on #3 about an hour ago, and I have to take pain meds even though I am at 100%. Is anyone else familiar with this issue? What is going on? Can I prevent this?
  11. warfighter

    RPG to the face

    There's about 5 minutes to go on the server restart and Rice Cooker has something like a $170k bounty on the rooftop waiting for the apocalypse. Every bounty hunter and cop in town is on the scene. He ends up nuking about 8 of us with an RPG
  12. warfighter

    Bounty Hunter Trainers and Rookies

    Now seeking: rookie hunters, and hunter trainers. Rookies will earn their automated share of bounties, plus additional bonuses for each capture. Starter gear is available. Rookies must have a polite attitude. Hunter trainers will also earn their automated share plus additional bonuses for each capture. Trainers must have a passion for helping newbies. The additional bonus will consist of my own share of the bounty split among the team. Send me a PM if you're interested!
  13. warfighter

    EXG, As Usual

    Starring Kinky Turtle, and our hero Warfighter Also featuring: Willi, as a noodly armed invalid Barnes, as the guy with no jokes Tony, late from picking up chicks at the retirement center
  14. warfighter

    Antho name glitch to Chief Keef?

    I was riding around looking for Antho, watching his name pop up as he RDMed everyone in the square, hearing the shots, and everyone was RDMing us and each other, but I never saw him, so Antho was obviously cheating by changing his name, and is now lying to cover it up. Obviously
  15. warfighter

    Antho name glitch to Chief Keef?

    I was the goodest guy in a world of evil