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  1. He's also got a newer show where he poses as a deputy sheriff for a county in Oregon that does not exist. That's when people really started scrutinizing his act.
  2. Sadly these are staged, with actors
  3. There are admin events. Make it an amin event, once per week then. Use your imagination man!
  4. Yeah highway air patrol for speeders by plane haha would be quirky fun
  5. No, you use the drone to pick a large target. Like a gang that is set up to defend a turf or cartel, or running HEMMT's in a field/processor.
  6. Watch the movie Sicario. APD should get to do one direct action assault on drug fields or cartel or turf battle or any gang fight per server restart. Or maybe just once per day. Must be a night raid. Loadouts should include body armor, thermals, suppressors, mines. Big drone should establish and track targets in real time. No arrests should be made, all drug traffickers should be lethaled on sight, and vehicles/drugs blown with satchel charges instead. Make the Caesar BTT available for APD so Insertion could be by airplane that glides over the objective- engine off- as operators silently drop onto the objective. Or insert by sea using a teleport. Or whatever insertion is cool.
  7. There are legal ways to make decent money. Oil, excavating. I feel like the significant resources required to do air delivery should result in a more significant payout, perhaps slightly less than oil and excavating but close. Plus air deliveries are just fun and should be encouraged by game. Or you could do drug runner flights and tell yourself and the cops that you're trafficking off-brand generic meds from Canada that are only banned by the corrupt capitalist Altis big pharma lobbyists.
  8. I'm going to miss parole, it was fun to RP, especially with new players who would immediately violate it and then I'd arrest them again and we'd have a good laugh. I wish there was a way to keep it. Maybe have parole as an extra option that does not reduce/remove charges or earn the cop money. Maybe parole can be tacked on to violent offenders AFTER the ticket is paid and only pings if they're violent again.
  9. Gaging interest and getting comments on a car show followed by street racing and a destruction derby. Contestants will pay something like a 10k ante and meet in the salt flats to vote on the best vehicle skin. After the winner is selected he receives 10% of the pot. Police should be welcome to compete in any of these events using APD vehicles and skins. The next event will be a street race from salt flat drug runner 4 to Athira checkpoint gate. 3 winners get 40, 30, and 20 percent of the pot. Race will begin with a flare gun and be live streamed from a Caesar BTT or something. A final separate optional event will be a destruction derby. Each contestant will pick from any vehicle including armor and will have a driver and 1 gunner if desired. VDM rules should be suspended for this event. I am looking for suggestions on the objective for a destruction derby that would work for Asylum. I think a simple last man standing rule works. All vehicles must stay in the salt flat or something. Please give me your suggestions and let me know if you want to do some test runs so that we can come up with optimal scenarios. Let me know if something like this has been done before and we won't have to "reinvent the wheel" After the event we can catalogue all the video footage and make a montage of all racers videos
  10. I am also willing to fund new bounty hunter's gear and give them the first few bounties full share.
  11. Name: Warfighter When did you start playing Arma 3, Gaming Asylum?: Been playing Arma 3 since release, been playing Asylum since Jan 2018 Anything you want to tell us: I have a channel on YouTube with some of my videos if you want to check them out: Warfighter1_1. I am whitelisted. I am definitely not a beta male I am a manly manly men
  12. both #1 and #2 have been craptastic for the last hour
  13. This reminds me of the year i spent in Dachau I learned German fluently I just want to thank: Obersturmbannführer Petrus Knauer Oberstarbeitsführer Adelar Pfitzner Sturmmann Alfons Tisch Oberscharführer Gerold Bahnsen Obergefreiter Günther Blomberg
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