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  1. Vlad


    IRL Name: lucas Age: 20 IRL Hours: 42069 Why do you want to be apart of the bois? cause its the bois What can you bring to the bois? general computer wizardry and awkward conversations How active will you be in the bois? if im not at work, im poppin a cold one with the bois Vouches: the bois
  2. They use the z390 chipset, so you have to have at least a z370 board to use them. For the 9700k and 9900k if you have a z370 board you need to do a bios update before they will be compatible. For 8th and 9th gens I'd suggest just getting a new z390 board, there are some very nice budget ones. Just stay away from Gigabyte, their bios is just god awful. @HaydenD01
  3. ok i take it back. You were the one who first really taught me cartel life, a long with ivan. Never gonna forget playing with you, it was always a lot of fun. Also, the cooking shows.
  4. Excellent job, squire
  5. This is just incredible man. Great job.
  6. Why not war at rank 2 as well?
  7. This doesn't consider the fact that a lot of gang houses are used for the spawn location, not necessarily storage for ingredients or loadouts. Not too many people want to leave their gang just to make a house their friend can use for moneymaking or something.
  8. Name: vlad Arma Hours: https://gyazo.com/e829dacaa5ef6a05c8eecc46598dfffa Reason for wanting to join: Fighting Previous gangs: Oblivion, Arctic, Requiem, Serenity/Enemy on Olympus Vouches: Nomadox
  9. Vlad

    Rocket Cars

    If you flame me then suck my dick
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