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  1. Cadet yeah they don't know whats going on, But he runs past a Cpl.....
  2. Wiping your account will do nothing to resolve the issue. Admins can not help you as it is a Data Base issue. Be patient while the devs work on it.
  3. There is currently a bug with money syncing that the devs are aware of.
  4. Tweaked: Performance of AA missiles was improved. From the last spotrep. Hype
  5. Wish I could switch teams mid-game, when the ratios are 2-1 I prefer to be on the 1 side for a good fight.
  6. Paratus said it's delayed reporting, but there was an opfor win between the last 2 blufor posts
  7. @Paratus the strifewars post does not appear to be reporting opfor victories
  8. The issue here is the HQ should be a no fire zone for each team. This ensures each team always has a chance to pull armor/air. Even with the safe zones we are seeing players shooting into them. Paratus welcomes feedback and ideas to make strife better.
  9. If you enter the enemy HQ you will die.
  10. Get on that tanker level
  11. Add a couple of shoreline caps that allow additional boat spawns Add assault boats to the game Move Opfor boat spawn to the other side of the bridge, currently can only take a jet-ski under it. Add Marshal for blufor and Madrid for Opfor (currently no wheel'd apcs) Add Ifrits and hunters Reduce Pilot and Crewman slots by 1 each Once imbalance in sides is detected, the side with more players should receive a 5 min warning to store planes/tanks after 5 mins the fuel of the vehicles should drop to zero. (This prevents them from continuing to be used) Start a match with no points taken. Each team starts in their HQ and must push out from there - Would lead to longer matches and more dynamic game-play. Cap timers - add a display for the time left, Currently you can cap a point, re-spawn and go cap another and the timer continues once all players have died/left the area the timer should end. If a team is restoring a point the Hacked timer should stop, currently it continues so after a team has hacked for 8:01 a restore is pointless. As I think of other ideas i'll add them to the list.
  12. Dog fighting - bob ross and mitch Lazer lock on - Benny Anti infantry - cozi anti tank - Waldo
  13. Happened last night, When i got on it was 30 blufor vs 14 opfor. A couple of us got together and started making big pushes. By the end this is what the map looked like, We had one epic fight to take that carrier.
  14. There have been some fantastic comeback rounds, hopefully those weren't the corrupted ones ><.
  15. Jets have a place in strife, just need the AA fixed and an official rule banning killing players inside HQ