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  1. +1, I like the idea of gang HQ. I've seen a play of this on another server where the gangs have to capture it similar to a turf, but it costs money to hold it, and there is no timer. Its theirs until the money runs out or another gang takes it over.
  2. You'll always be the Baywatch cop in my heart.
  3. There is a reason the guidebook doesn't tell you how to wipe your ass. Common sense, don't be a scumbag cop. Each administration may hold different views on the policy. JB and Myself held you get wiped you don't go back. The current Cpts may view it differently. As to the load out - if Cops were gearing with carrier lites and mk's id agree. But they have a tac vest and a 5.56. The only time there would be an issue is if you are camping an HQ, which is your decision to do so knowing the risk.
  4. When can I speak with you in Ts?

  5. The trip had to end early to save my ears.
  6. So a little impromptu car show was happening in Kavala Square with the APD providing security for the grounds. Unfortunately, we were called away to deal with a bank... This is what we found upon our return. This is why we can't have nice things.
  7. Hey man, I'm sorry about what has happened. I basically told you everything i could yesterday. I promise that i never benifitted off of any glitches. I'll tell you why i did it... When I went back to ts I asked if he was coming back. He responded with yes and he said that he continue to do the glitch. and I told him that they probably patched it and that he would need to learn how to make legit money. so he explained how to do it and I went and tried to see if it actually worked. but i can promise you that i have never actually benefitted off of that whole glitch that y'all just patched. and idk of any other glitches except for the one I private messaged you about. (and in all honesty i did not abuse it) I just want to tell the devs about it. 

  8. lol I wasn't in game, but funny timing.
  9. what was I banned for?

  10. swervel on.
  11. < Going for it, wish me luck!
  12. Was Looking through my screen shots And realized how long ive been apart of this community.... The Picture speaks for it self   


  13. And were done.