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  1. I would expect to see uptimes set for s3 and or s2 in the not so distant future. We're currently discussing a couple ideas. An example of one of those ideas: a slightly modified old system we had where instead of the server shutting off at an exact time it would run until a restart where there were less than X number of players on before the restart it would shut off. Also we are taking into account that it is graduation/finals week for a lot of students in the US so we may see and uptick in player count going into the start of summer.
  2. Don't worry Roice, that rug burn will heal in time.
  3. That sounded like the nice Durga. 8/10 No action Taken.
  4. Please join us in congratulating and welcoming several new members to the support team. @BlackShot @DaX @DonDurka @HomeTrlx @Term @Ron Johnson @Smee @YuSheng These folks will be the front line for assisting players, especially with Asylum V2 right around the corner. I want to take a minute and highlight a few of these new members and the various languages they will be able to assist. Blackshot - Portuguese Term - Spanish YuSheng - Chinese Welcome to the support team!
  5. Every fuckin house raid ever.
  6. Leady


    Temprature huh?
  7. Leady


    Which is the correct way to consume delicious tea water?
  8. This one is easy. Should of been that way from the start.
  9. I'd rather just see a significant price drop in them tbh.
  10. I've got to agree with most of the comments here already. I just don't see a need for this as we do have turfs. I wouldn't mind seeing a tweak/buff to turfs to encourage more fights there but taking over a whole main city seems a bit excessive.
  11. I like this idea, Something smaller scale than gang wars tho. In the past we had great scripts we could run that were fun to participate in. Unfortunately many of those scripts no longer work as the server has been updated and those who made them have moved onto other things in life. There a couple admins who are pretty handy with scripts I'll poke em and see if they are interested in reviving some of the good ones. My fav admin events - Gun game / CSGO - Quadbike Parkour - Demolition derby Is there any one in-particular you would like to see brought back or a new idea for an admin event?
  12. http://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/forum/142-asylum-v2/ Here you can see the updates on Asylum v2. As to the current patches being released a lot of the commit items are not added until the night before or the day of the patch as testing of them usually goes right up to that point. Not to mention they contain quite a few bug and exploit fixes that should they be shown before could allow those who did not know about them to attempt them before the patch drops. Here is a general road map that contains some of the features we are looking to add. While its not super specific such as with weapons and armor we wanted to make sure we are not over promising and under delivering. The devs are hard at work re tooling Asylum's code and fixing what is currently live. As always we appreciate the community feedback and will continue to read through it and pass suggestions along to the dev/owners.
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