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  1. Could it be Clock just WANTS Tyler to be gay?
  2. He did change the song, He changed it to YMCA and when you played it the whole server would mass kick until hard restarted. Fkn village people up in kavala breaking the world n shit. (Probably had more to do with a major change bohemia did to how sound files are handled and forgot to mention it in their patch notes, but still just sayin)
  3. @Jbdragon
  4. Remove the tower from highway. That is all.
  5. There were less servers and less life competition to choose from when there were only 10K people playing arma 3. If we look more recently, arma peaked in summer of 16' (right as Mass kicks started happening) and has been declining since. I'd speculate that our servers population follows the same trend. http://steamcharts.com/cmp/107410,578080#1y Shows arma vs pubg. Arma was around 48K players when pubg came out and since has been down in the low 30K's (looking at peaks) Pubg has been able to grab people from all kinds of games, because its well done, glitches do happen but not near the level of bohemia.
  6. not my dog obv, but maybe the baddest of all puppies around.
  7. I'm saying there are less people playing arma 3. When you go play pubg then come back to arma and get killed by opening a door or hitting a bush its pretty frustrating.
  8. It shows arma's player count. Since It was pretty stable around 24K players average, in aug it lost 4k (inb4 school, take a look at 2016, not as significant of a drop)
  9. As long as BI releases unlocked templates its good to go for the most part. I am surprised at how fast they unlocked them though, usually they wait a month or two.
  10. Unfortunately a lot of the events the admins have were created awhile ago and have not been updated for changes to the server. Which could cause the server to crash, players to get BABS'd ect... With the exception of Smirnoff not too many admins are making new events/updating the old ones. I've seen some life servers with random events such as plane crashes or boat wrecks that players can go loot. It would be interesting to see how they would play out on asylum.
  11. RIP Kavala cops
  12. Wall of text + notepad++ for the win.
  13. https://forums-archive.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=1020706 I don't even know what the fuck is going on in this thread but related.
  14. Unfortunately its not defaulted to that, So I'd suspect most admins just click on the search button and go with that, oldest to newest.