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  1. We've been able to play around and test it using an Escape Mission. Its visually amazing. But once you get into cities you do see a FPS drop. I think it has over 5 million assets. Beautiful map tho.
  2. The current APD Guidebook can be found Here *NOTE* Server rules override any APD Policy
  3. Locking this shit storm up. Cops can patrol Donor just as any other city.
  4. Best thing I could've ever done was drive 5 clicks to rez you after you hit that pole. Sometimes I miss those days. o7 man.
  5. Being able to tow hatchbacks out of the sand/swamp might be cool.
  6. The suspension on the offroads is well... shit. Jeeps are slightly better without being as good as prowlers.
  7. Beep beep im a muthafkn jeep +1 again.
  8. Looks awesome to me.
  9. +1
  10. Even when Im taking that 1 tap dirt nap
  11. Drones are vary rarely used for a couple of reasons. 1 its is only available to sgt+. 2. They are not the most stable platform, a lot of the time you put your drone out and it just disappears after giving it a command, or it just flies in circles for no reason. 3. If you are in thick brush/under trees the UAV thermals typically do not pick up your heat signature so it is possible to avoid detection.
  12. Swiggity Swooty Eli's comin for that CoP booty. Welcome to the new Mods.
  13. That's what this SS was for. Sgt says is completely different.
  14. I couldn't tell you what I did a week ago, but seeing that house with the tarp. Like it was yesterday as a wee constable.