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  1. Also have to take into account, Malden is a smaller map, you were constantly in combat, IE killing people earning $. In Tanoa you have to go a bit further to see someone and IMO there is less bunching on Tanoa so less people to kill = less $. Just an observation.
  2. I think the bigger fix here would be to keep the winning side from being able to pull them. When its 53 to 20 the team with 53 should not be able to pull jets/armor from their garage.
  3. +1 for Tanoa, Wouldn't mind seeing what an Altis strife would look like. I think it would help with jets/tanks as they have to spread further out so less likely to be camped by multiple
  4. I'm loving the light bars. Also, APD Vans kthx.
  5. This thread had potential.. Now it is just a lost cause... ADMIN ABOOSE ENGAGE.... Locked.
  6. I am looking to get some screen shots for a little side project im working on for the wiki. Looking to start off with old APD pictures. The original uniforms, old captains, senior constables, Justice Wagons, Marshall Law, Stratus, AUS, even some good Tanoa screen shots. If you have some you would like to share feel free to post them here or send me a DM.
  7. It should have a small chance to explode... home cookin shit is dangerous.
  8. Bring Back AUS if were bringing back stuff with potential.
  9. 8.0 just so we can lock this thread kthx.
  10. I like the idea of owning gas stations. I've seen it done on other life communities and its amazing RP. The Exchange would need a lot of work before it could be put back into service. There was more than just the memory causing its absence. But I think a player AH was/is a fantastic idea. Fed Reserve. Going to have to go no on this one just for the sake of compensation reports. Tracking money can already be a pain in the ass, let alone adding a whole new system to launder funds through. Prison. Agreed it needs to be simplified. Not to the point of clicking a sign and hiding in a deer stand, but there need to be a middle ground. A new location as well. People forget the aids of hour long breaks due to the choke point for the APD. Unless swat can spawn inside the prison or somewhere on the island (which would cause a lot of OP crying) Pyrgos just doesn't work. Cartels - A what? APD smokes/Lights - Yes please on both.
  11. One of the heard became stranded in the water, requiring rescue. But after this rebel raid the truth of the hunter patrol was revealed. "All these things do is make people combat log" (5 CL's in 5 mins after seeing the hunter squad) TFW you know you dun goof'd: . Then came the Quad Patrol.... Unfortunately the APD likes Mario kart too much and not a single quad made it to Athira.
  12. http://wiki.gaming-asylum.com/8.0_Hype A little project I've been working on for the 8.0 Hype train... Hype!
  13. 8.0 Hype Train Page added. Hype!
  14. Mining and Refining Guide added. Thank you Badger.
  15. Do it on s4 that's where I run meh meth. I do box trucks at a time, have yet to see anyone else. edit- anything else take too long and you risk losing it to a be kick.