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  1. Watching Method do a 10 person fed with 10 of them was insane. They pulled them all at chop and drove them over in a scene right out of mad max.
  2. It is on the bug tracker. A work around for this is to turn off side chat on the phone, close the phone, then turn it back on and side chat should reappear.
  3. Since the removal of money cap we've seen a significant increase in the use of vests and rpgs. Even taking into account the servers increased population, the number of vest and rpgs is quite high. This is one of those balancing items. If you want to see something go boom it is going to cost a bit more.
  4. It wasn't just cartel fighters complaining about them. We received feedback from players of all kinds about the Quillins and Prowlers. Not to mention the frustrations we had ourselves playing trying to deal with them. As to inventory space I agree with upping it now that the doors have been removed. I'll bring it up to the team.
  5. There are 5 more to choose from
  6. Bada said it best in Discord.
  7. Whoa Term, we've talked about this.
  8. Ghost Hotel Casino first kthx
  9. +1 for increasing the amount you can sell a house for, but I believe and feel free to correct me if im wrong @Gen. Henry Arnold, that has something to do with an arma limitation (similar to how cops can only ticket 999,999) The issue with increasing the number of houses a player can own - There is a limited number of house players can buy. And you'll find most of them already purchased, especially in really good areas. I don't see this being increased in the near future but i'll jot it down anyways.
  10. Yeah its doesn't appear to be account related. Since I can access s1 just fine with VPN.
  11. I'm in the same boat, I can assure you they are looking into it.
  12. Congratulations Codie! o7 Clock
  13. For the time being we found that if you time it just right you can put your back to the wall and it will keep you from going too far. But as Henry shows looks fix'd for future update.