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  1. The wiki has now embraced the Dark Side. A new dark theme is defaulted for the Wiki To change skins > Make an account > Preferences > Appearance
  2. Soon.
  3. Sick RP
  4. Congratulations Clock. Make the APD Great Again.
  5. o7 P2
  6. Can confirm.
  7. yw

    You really are a monster.3
  8. But the disclosure!
  9. Um... What?
  10. Don't get discouraged. While the money might be in kavala go outside of it. I made some great stories and good friends playing medic driving those 8k+ for revives.
  11. Your rap video was better imo.
  12. Should of been Game Over so many times last night.
  13. Welcome back to Asylum. Cya around.