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  1. yw

    You really are a monster.3
  2. But the disclosure!
  3. Um... What?
  4. Don't get discouraged. While the money might be in kavala go outside of it. I made some great stories and good friends playing medic driving those 8k+ for revives.
  5. Your rap video was better imo.
  6. Should of been Game Over so many times last night.
  7. Welcome back to Asylum. Cya around.
  8. P3BP
  9. This poll is more slanted than fox news polls.
  10. You say "bugs" I say "features"
  11. Did someone say tank?
  12. Welcome, Good Luck and Have Fun!
  13. Sharing is caring right?
  14. The only thing on the list I question is the hunting grounds. From the way I understand it animals are spawned player side not server. So I wouldn't see that causing server issues. I've never played on olym, do they have housing crates as well? (Was always my theory on the lag)