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  1. He's retired. Nothing is stopping you now.
  2. Just over 3 months ago ownership of Asylum was transferred to @BaDaBiNg_10-8 and @Clint Beastwood. A lot has been accomplished in that short time span with much more planned. This topic is to acknowledge those accomplishments and share a roadmap for the future of Asylum. Within the first 30 Days Servers returned to full or nearly full during peak times Opened up past bans for a second chance Brought on a new lead developer 3 contributors were also brought in Removed the unpopular money and group caps Within the last 3 months Migrated servers to a new host Updated the website front and back end (it needed it badly) Continued to roll out a patch every month that not only fixes past issues but takes community feedback and makes it a reality Increased server stability (While we aren't where we would like to be yet, it has come a long way from December) Upgraded player reporting systems to a streamlined ticket system (Shout out to Mitch for this one) Introduced new weapons to the player base This is just a snap shot from the last 90 days. Even more has been done on the back end to improve server stability and functionality. Now that we've looked at what has been done, a preview is in order for the future of asylum. A complete re-write of asylum's code from the ground up Replacement of current MyAsylum page and features A re-work of the housing/crate system Re-work of vehicle, police, and ems lighting White-listed medics Various cartel changes Additional armor and weapons New vehicle and clothing skins Re-work of talent trees Many more items on the list, these are just some of the features we are most excited for. As with anything in development all points are subject to not only change but may never see the light of day. In an effort to be transparent we felt it was time give a glimpse behind the scenes of what the Dev's are working on in addition to the regular content/bug fix patches. @Mitch (IFRIT) and myself look over the suggestion section of the forums almost daily and take that feedback and pass it a long to the owners and dev's for what the community wants and in some cases doesn't want. And while not everything suggested will be implemented we value that feedback and want to give a big thank you to those who offer it. As a final note I wanted to take a line or two and say Thank You to the community as a whole. With out you Asylum wouldn't exist. From the admins who dedicate their free time looking over player reports and compensation requests, to the support staff who sit in Teamspeak everyday waiting to help players, to the gangs whom without the APD wouldn't have much to do, to the APD for keeping the streets safe for the apple pickers and diamond miners, to the Kavalians teaching new players how to put their hands up when being robbed, Thank You. The people are what makes Asylum what it is.
  3. Then I see no reason not to add them. +1
  4. Aye, but the question was asked why we do not have them.
  5. Refresh my memory does the rangefinder have thermals? If so Paratus was super anti anything with thermals, but the drone oddly enough was okay. If it doesn't I don't see any reason not to have them. You can already range pretty easily with marking the map just makes it a simpler process with RF's. Now if we could just get tac pings....
  6. The community has asked multiple times to get rid of the coke field rotation, is this ever going to get done? Also, the coke pit has been broken for months, was it removed on purpose? Is it coming back? - The first part has become a bit of an issue as DP21 houses are now even more valuable having coke pro being there. While still great meth houses its something to consider before removing it completely. As to the why coke pit itself doesn't work - There was an exploitable bug in the script where both pits could be gathered from regardless of which field was active. It was easier to switch back to the radius/scroll wheel gathering, eliminating the need for the pit. Plus the community had been asking for this for some time. Finally, as to the future of coke, right now from the feedback i've seen the community is pretty split on rotating fields. If you have a house near the rotation point you probably want it to stay the way it is. If your house is on the OG spots you probably don't. It is something worth looking into further.
  7. With it being rolled into community goals like rebel i don't see any issue with this. - I'll pass it along to devs/owners.
  8. Leady

    Missed Yall.

    Welcome Back
  9. I've received a couple questions already regarding how to submit a ticket now. Here is a very quick gif. Just select the reason for the support ticket and it will go to the appropriate people.
  10. Since the APD will explode should an officer step foot inside that particular CITY.... +1
  11. I'm not quite sure what you are asking here? If you have a body bag clearly someone was in custody and if you were directly involved then yes you can report them.
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