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  1. ill buy them add them to my corrupted mxm collection
  2. bot? but ur part of velocity 3rd if u do cheat ur shit at it anyway
  3. im not like u so i couldnt do so
  4. can i do anything aobut that
  5. i get a bounty of 159k pardoned by the gov i hop servers and go and kill som1 and i get 164k bounty for it
  6. leady put on my post about this like 10 minutes ago saying he will pass this on to devs/owners
  7. yes i think this would be a great idea if u added an emt access to the master crusader perk and for goal 5 it would be balanced like rebels so we dont have to make 3 trips @Boris
  8. yeah its a good idea just like the rebel tree it would cost roughly around what 160k for it>
  9. oh trust me i am but come on i wanna see a new gun added to the bounty hunters
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