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  1. seems like it hit your heart man dont be sad
  2. not only killed landed on u when u had a mk200 with ur boyfriend bag of burnt funyons
  3. well they had some good patience considering they waited a month and a half i have some good patience to i have waited 4 months for the devs to help me and they haventt
  4. Demon!

    air drops

    The mx is in the loot pool for the air drops but it cannot be held by rebels can you guys either script it remove it or add an mxm or something else like ak 12s or akm
  5. air drops were buffed in a good way but they also drop the MX which is unable to be held by rebels is there any way you can take this out or sub it for mxm? or even script it so the rebels can hold it?
  6. Server: 1 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 200k Location (Town/DP#): dp 14 paros Asking Price: bid Description: selling 3 crate atm house. the garage and the 2 crate can be sold aswell if u wish to negotiate about them feel free to message me
  7. and why even talk about downing rounds in the first place bounty hunters are underpowered already why make them worse
  8. yes it is his fault for having a bounty
  9. 20 seconds are u fucking serious go play olympus. ur just another shitter rebel that gets his ass whopped by career cops and bounty hunters and has another excuse to why u lost
  10. why do u always complain every time i see ur name its complaints just shut up and play
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