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  1. I know that you can do it off of the broken boat
  2. In game name: Issac Age: 17 Arma 3 Hours (Include Screenshot): https://gyazo.com/3ddc0189279734670df5d24106b73640 Anyone in the gang who can vouch for you? (If so who?) Nino, Ivan, Broke
  3. Issac

    Pineapple on pizza

    Personally, I work at a pizza place and pineapple isn't that bad but come on, you can do a lot better.
  4. Welcome back! Hope you have some good times.
  5. Hopefully we can put this problem behind us. Good luck dev team!
  6. Early 2000's was great as well but personally I'm just a little more old school.
  7. 90's hip hop is the shit. All this new "rap" makes me want to cry.
  8. Issac


    The yellow chain of death strikes again
  9. In game name: Issac Teamspeak name: Issac Timezone: MST Age: 17 Arma 3 hours (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/e400dfc8452d7f9792a19d7aad561294 What members can vouch for you?: Nino Why should we accept you into Exposed Gaming?: I've been playing on asylum for the past few years and never really got into the gang life. I would like to start with you guys. I feel I am experienced on the asylum servers and I could bring decent knowledge of cartels and hopefully do the best I can to help the gang. The server you are most active on?: Server 2 Previous Gangs, you were in?: Not anything serious but I have been in Lucky 13, Malicious, and a few others that I have forgotten the names of. Most active time for you(weekdays, nights, weekends, etc.): Since its summer right now pretty much anytime I'm not working.
  10. The real question is when stratis is coming back
  11. @pigbutt32 The reason I put the one up for 500k is because it has 277 25 year scotch in it which you can sell each one for around 900-1000 depending on talents your gang may have.
  12. Rodopoli House Lakka Checkpoint Coke House Athira Wong's House w/ Barrel Kyra Nera Scotch House *Note: If there isn't a screenshot of whats inside the crate/barrel then there isn't anything inside it. All of these listings are negotiable
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