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  1. Golophin087

    V2 feedback

    Some people are just never happy with anything
  2. Golophin087

    V2 feedback

    I’ve been having a issue with helicopters despawning while I’m flying them after 5-10 minutes. Don’t know if anyone else is having this issue.
  3. Report it if it’s RDM. They’ve already said the normal server rules are to be followed and enforced on the test server.
  4. You have the maturity of a troubled 10 year old. Grow up.
  5. I donated $25 last night and was wondering where my title was at
  6. V2 is a mythical beast that no one has yet to verify exists.
  7. Literally smoked the entire building. Was cleared in like 5 minutes after that lol.
  8. This was funny, we all jumped out and only one person survived, only to have his legs broken and be killed.
  9. Bounty Hunters are gonna go where the highest bounties are, regardless of the situation.
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