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  1. Admins don't know how much effort it took to take screenshots from 50 different angles smh
  2. Get gunner glass gnash'd
  3. Read the helicopter guidebook
  4. it appears the killfeed was bugged at the time of recording, still a faggot though
  5. Better than Asylum montages
  6. Call of duty 22
  7. Not surprised you're roleplayers now after that wipping from SR
  8. The black bars are meh
  9. Ahh yes, the old record every kill you get and put a song behind it type of montage
  10. maybe because their new and don't know these things
  11. Well thats pretty stupid if that's the case
  12. fairly certain you should just be able to pull them out right?
  13. - yes
  14. You know the servers going to shit when you;re unbanning obvious cheaters smh... Welcome back William you turd