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  1. 500k in-game and I'll teach you everything I know
  2. group cap didn't kill gang life, it didn't help but it wasn't even close to being the sole factor that "killed" gang life
  3. You're actually sick at seige
  5. make the reduced jail sentences perm and i'll donate $850.00
  6. Actually did do something
  7. gz unmodque me
  8. What ever happened to those solid colour ifrits that a contributor made, I remember him saying they are small in size but they looked amazing @Gnashes @bamf
  9. fuck off im ill
  10. RS3

    on mod que so shit takes ages to get approved, was afking magics while afking in the back of ifrits at cartels back in like 2k14 and was going for hunter pet when it came out but @Shepurd got it and I gave up
  11. RS3

  12. I have positive post to like but I can't post, must be a bug
  13. I'm not throwing in $3, get finessed idiots
  14. Now that this is approved, listen here you little shits, which one of your fuckers put me on perm mod que?
  15. Alright now that this is approved, listen here you little shits... which one of you put me on modque