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  1. Just sayin.. the amount of people that have probably stopped playing Asylum and to never join again (for now) due to the crashes is probably huge. Sooner v2 comes around the sooner those crashes are fixed (hopefully).
  2. so where's all that extra storage space gone now that there's no seats? and cargo can't be used for rear blasting maneuvers
  3. van cargo should hold slightly more than the van transport, especially since its meant for cargo rather than transport... also, a mohawk can sling load the transport but not the cargo, so somethings clearly a little janky there. thoughts? http://gaming-asylumwiki.com/wiki/Vehicles
  4. that sounds like a bad idea
  5. I'm not sure if this has ever been mentioned or tried, but I feel like a cruise control scroll-option (perhaps maintain speed/cancel it if "S/W/X" are hit) would be really cool and helpful.. Especially if you like to do DP's while binge watching a show, those long-hauls can be a pain in the ass (or fingers). I understand if its been attempted and isn't possible, but I just thought it'd be worth mentioning - perhaps for Asylum v2 - if it hasn't been already.
  6. Yeah, I was curious if that's the right answer, though. It doesn't say you're unable to sell it while crafting it currently and it lists its store price, so I assumed you could since I have done it before, just not recently.
  7. What'd you use to record it? OBS usually works well for me if I'm recording for insurance or quality purposes.
  8. Is there any reason you're unable to sell crafted Mohawks at the Vehicle Factory right now? Obviously you can keep it, store it, then sell it from your garage, but if you try to do that in bulk it's going to take forever. Is the crafting/selling currently disabled because of the amount of profit that it says you could make? Currently it crafts for: $30k cash, 1 flawless diamond, 10 rubber, 20 processed oil ... and sells for (at least, its listed market price at the vehicle factory is) $100k, so ~$70k ish profit. Perhaps another look at that is possible to see why it's disabled/try to enable it? Could be another good source of legal income for new players.
  9. hb it gives you a new mohawk, half fuel, and 30-40k penalty if you crash... then the dp's can be in the middle of no where, don't need an airfield
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