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  1. just bought this after i saw this thread probably the best 5 dollars ive spent on steam ever
  2. Thank you developer Akeelagi for the update
  3. Server: 4 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: Industrial Shed House Size: 2 CRATE Industrial Shed Location (Town/DP#): South Rebel/Pyrgos Asking Price: 1.5 - 2 mil/ open to negotiation Description: amazing house for Rebel great gang house 667 meters away from rebel Pictures/Video Walk-through:
  4. Thats how we do it on S4 bb
  5. o7 Buddy you will be missed <3.... also thank you nathan for the sound clips
  6. @Alec-l you should bring back the Sacred List
  7. fuckin gold lmao and i just want to go on the record thats not me in the first few clips thats some corporal under my name with a s idk but ya classic
  8. Before the pull downs.
  9. Merry Christmas my friend
  10. does that mean they're always up or still the same as before they come up when 1 and 4 are over 80 or some shit @bamf
  11. He does have 0 say in anything