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  1. Marco

    Teleporting Two

    lmao omg gold
  2. it got taken off cause they thought it was causeing lag so that was about 8-10 months ago
  3. been doing this for the last 3 years and its amazing ever time it happens the person is always so pissed when u res them haha.
  4. Marco

    07 Everyone

    no no no................. Not my Sliver Spee your crying im not crying
  5. dont you dare say who are you this man is a legend
  6. Ah Man this is fuckin Gold as always, I cant believe they canceled my favorite thing to watch on the forums/ YT this is almost worse then Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy ending, im actually sad to see you permed Alec i hope you get unbanned one day and make great videos like this regardless of this breaking rules, i dont give a fuck about if it did or didnt break unwritten rules I still think this is funny as fuck man probably one of the best things on Asylum ever and you created this content for us and i appreciate it alot.............o7 man You will be missed good sir @Alec-I
  7. Snatch is one of the best movies man i love that movie
  8. Action Taken thanks for the report on yourself.
  9. Thank you for the help Admin Akeelagi keep up the good work!
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