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  1. Wait, you don’t have enough money for a WoW subscription, but you have enough money for this? The logic.
  2. Camp donortown and wait for them to respawn from cartel fights. BH’s are not getting 7.62 downing weapons.
  3. Cya.
  4. Greetings Asylum, Whitelisting medics has been a desire of mine since joining the Asylum Admin team. I'm sure many others in this community have also given it some thought over the years. Obviously, when you whitelist a class (such as cops) you must have people that are willing to step up and give oversight to enforce standards. I feel the underlining issue with whitelisting medics is not only the oversight issue but the Dev's willingness to implement this. Looking for ideas and feedback from the community on how (if the Dev's are willing) we would accomplish whitelisting medics on Asylum. Thank you in advance.
  5. 20 year olds and at my first duty station in Vilseck, Germany (2/2 Inf 1st ID).Three years later, I deployed and got some revenge. #neverforget #godblessthefallen. I also met @Gaskal during my time in the sandbox.
  6. Love that rice seasoning.
  7. Take care buddy, best of luck. o7
  8. I like the idea, but I’ve been told it’s never going to happen.
  9. Nah, windows has a magnifying glass. All good.
  10. Looks like he plagiarized Charles Dickens.
  11. Eat me.
  12. Didn’t read, looks like a google copy/paste with Mitch’s name inserted.
  13. For PVP Assassination is boss. Sub for lvling.
  14. Welcome back @Leonheartzed my first CST. glad you’ve returned to us.
  15. He had to get the house ID script from me. Rookie.
  16. No dice
  17. 1 mil, no food stamps.
  18. RIP

    Bye Felicia, catch ya on a ban evading account.
  19. It's my garage @Ba-KA
  20. Is that English? “If he wouldn’t be one.”
  21. Mistakes happen. Arma 3 is a shit game when it comes to situations like this. I honestly think Leroy believed he did nothing wrong and DS felt wronged, rightfully so. Take some money out of his 47mil for comp and move on.
  22. Says you voted “No.”
  23. I remember you, welcome back.