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  1. dang, whats top offer for kavala square
  2. Just using the information that is on the MyAsylum website, not trying to discount any gang that isn't a money leader which is why I created a post for Tier Lists of gangs. Encouraging everyone to post their own list as money isn't everything. also it would be 12M to get to the top of that list.
  3. I appreciate the reply's but do you mind posting the gangs in a tier list. For example (in random order) S Tier: Envy A Tier: Requiem, Imperium, Torment, Dragon B Tier: Dirty Pigs, AA
  4. Hello asylum players, i was looking for your tier lists of current gangs in terms of most powerful/gang fighting expertise. If you are going to make a troll post please at least make it obvious your trolling thanks. Be sure to include Envy, Dirty Pigs, Dragon, Torment, Imperium, AA, Requiem in the lists as they are the current money leaders.
  5. Insurance doesn't protect the hatch from being chopped.
  6. Hey guys! As governor I will be having a sport hatch race in Kavala at 6pm EST on server one. The first person to reach the TBD location by only using main roads will be receiving 30k cash. We will be having more races in the future stay posted.
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