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  1. I mean.... @Tyler is a God damn jolly green giant at 6’ 7” or some crazy clown number like that, it has volume gain so it will not be a problem even if you are 3 rooms away, however if you have a mechanical keyboard you will probably want a mic stand to only have your voice heard and not keyboard
  2. I only use my Blue Yeti with the default stand, people tell me it’s great (it’s not like I’m the one listening to it, but @Tyler also has one and it sounds crystal clear) I think he just uses the basic stand that comes with it as well, no need for pop filter or anything unless you want to have even better stream content
  3. I literally told him to try again? I find humor in it to be honest
  4. Appreciate the info, thanks
  5. Not to be an asshole... But who even are you? Joined a year ago, 13 posts (probably all troll posts) and I have never heard of you? You just some fucking random or something..? Legitimate question. Also: "My feelings are hurt, I am going to go to my designated safe space because some 14 year old made a mean meme about me" *runs off and cries* You could have at least used some color or Photoshop or something for fucks sake. Try again please
  6. 1- he knows a lot more than most people part of Asylum 2-maybe he makes mistakes, but it’s called trial and error 3-he has helped the community and fix little things as well as bigger things 4-lock this thread as it is a waste of everyone’s time
  7. I have no desire for Captain You of all people should know me enough to know that lol
  8. Update: TeamSpeak is back up
  9. For the cops who may have never had this issue: When TeamSpeak goes down, we have Discord as a backup for Cop communications so please use that if you are playing Cop. This is the link for The Asylum Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/CeZcCjS Should you need your Cop rank given to you (Every Cop should have their required Cop ranks/APD_Voice tag) or an updated rank, please message a SGT+ to get it resolved. Please have your Police Application readily available if you need to do so.
  10. RS3

    then you obviously don't have a clue how to play
  11. RS3

    Or train for 2 hours a day for a week and get max combat, trash game
  12. RS3

    Someone bots wc and hunter....
  13. RS3

    rs3 is shit
  14. RS3

    I too just wanted to show off.... However my bank is more impressive than my stats