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  1. Exotics were far too common in destiny one, that’s why the game sucked, and the original storyline writer left
  2. Your broke ass can payout in OSRS?
  3. S3

    The moon isn’t THAT bright...
  4. On September 11, 2001 a total of 2,996 people lost their lives during the events on 9/11 A majority of these were civilians. 343 were Firefighters. 71 were law enforcement officers. Today marks the 17 year anniversary of this event. It hits home for anyone that is called “red” or “blue”. On the fire engine I am assigned to on my fire department we have a “343 we will never forget” sticker on the back of the engine. My crew and myself will not forget and I hope none of you Americans do either. This is merely a post to remember this event. I also want to hear, where were YOU at when this happened/when you found out? Note: Any negative posts and/or derailment will be subject to removal from this thread.
  5. This is an accurate representation of your APD career
  6. Isn’t this supposed to come out Wednesday (tomorrow)?
  7. It’s like you used to be a Sergeant or something....
  8. Is that dirt? Clean your damn car
  9. You may get about 15 seconds of recognition for a job well done (if you are lucky) and this applies to Fire/EMS/Cops Deaths you will get maybe 30-60 seconds Anything negative such as any error by the Fire/EMS/Cops or a shooting where the cop injures or puts someone down (when justified) they will harp all day long and even the next day shit talking Fire/EMS/Cops... Unfortunately the news likes to divide people backing the public servants and the rest of the civilian population... Personally, I think a lot of the “race hatred” is fueled by the news, they will write a story and get as much spice as they can just to make it trend... long story short, FUCK THE MEDIA
  10. o7 to my fallen brothers, we have the watch from here
  11. *Corporal* you pleb! Retired Lt’s get perms Corporal
  12. Glad to see someone who wants to dedicate some time to making our servers better, welcome
  13. PSA to people who picked crunchy Peanut Butter....
  14. Sergeant+ in the Medic slot with the ability unlocked via cop prestige get to revive and ignore the “time until next revive” script.... trust me bud, I know cop better than you think I do