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  1. Identity sucks, ‘nuff said...
  2. @Tyler your trust factor is lower than any of your ex’s standards
  3. I imagine those account (of at least most of them...) will be banned in a month or so, so prime will be back (hopefully) to regular accounts, hopefully new players can obtain prime with verification/time played but we shall see
  4. I would be more inclined to lock this than sticky it.. or how about a "Farewell to your post"?
  5. I feel it is perfectly balanced and a great addition, way better than the previous loadout option
  6. MP5 is Meta in my opinion
  7. .

    To be fair, I figured you would be the first person to make a post/notice the change... It only took you about roughly 7 hours or so, so well done
  8. .

    I am surprised it took you this long to notice Azeh... Disappointing...
  9. If I told you it wouldn't be concealed anymore would it? @Tyler Does I think
  10. I think the helicopter would be a great addition for more diversity... As for the armor... I can get behind a vest (a very very light vest) but I won't back a helmet at all
  11. @Tyler you couldn’t find a worse song could you?
  12. Nope thats the guy who was rank 1 in game lol, my user is Yuki Castiel @Samperino
  13. Add me on OSRS, I’ll get you started out