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  1. Jake

    Asylum Apparel

    Sweatpants would be nice!
  2. Jake

    Change Log 8.3.1

    1 I am a “retired” Lieutenant 2 while I do not personally like someone being singled out (except for @Tyler, he a bitch)... I am flattered by the approval of you and @Squirtle, so, it is Valentine’s Day, and I like steak and potatoes, not a huge fan of sweets so forget the chocolates xoxoxo
  3. Jake

    Change Log 8.3.1

    Cops were held accountable and yet it was still abused, hence the reason for its removal
  4. Jake

    when do we get comped honor

    If they had a gun bigger than a PO7, sounds like it’s a them problem...
  5. Jake

    when do we get comped honor

    We currently do not have a way to compensate honor points
  6. Jake

    Teamspeak error

    This may best be answered by @Clint Beastwood I do know that message pops up for everyone, but it should NOT disconnect you... to my knowledge it is just a message saying the server needs updates is all
  7. Jake

    Cops Not Allowed in Therisa

    You want a safe spawn point? Hmmmm I think I heard about places like that.... oh wait! Your houses!!! Really, if you want somewhere safe spawn at your house or a ganghouse... on a side note, if you do see a cop ignoring everything in game to simply sit there, report them
  8. Good to know I stand corrected... as far as what they can do to fix this issue now I’ve no idea, I’m sure if it was something that worked in the past it is possible to implement (as long as it doesn’t have any negative repercussion)... i know you’ve probably heard it before but give the devs some time to work out the kinks, granted there are still issues I don’t think any of us can deny they have worked hard as well as fixed issues since ownership changed
  9. I beg to differ.. As long as I have been a part of the community (I believe over 3 years now) I remember most “normal” restarts were soft restarts, soft restarts would keep the vehicle in the spot you logged... any admin/owner restart was a hard restart and never synced vehicles I may be wrong but that is my recollection of the past, granted things are VERY different now
  10. Jake

    New server ?

    No, staff is not giving out money
  11. Jake

    New server ?

    Add me nerd
  12. Jake

    Donor 7 perk update

    Please keep suggesting, you’ve got killer ideas
  13. Jake

    Change Log 8.3.0

    Fuck those stupid things