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  1. @BaDaBiNg_10-8 congrats on the new opportunity at work, it is truly great news to hear things are going well in that aspect, however... you will he missed in this community by all. I appreciate the down to earth talks we had and I wish you the very best of luck in your future. I hope to see you every so often at least! @Jesse congrats on ownership, I wish you the best of luck and can’t wait to see V2
  2. I don’t think illegal barely is an issue, but if it is being made illegal I think the most condensed area (the field by lakka) should be made illegal, but that is a discussion for Captain/Owners/CMs/Devs... If they don’t make it illegal it is however easy to get probably cause to search someone picking barley there (or anywhere). Once you spot someone you can either watch from a distance or get a heli in the air, once they get in their vehicle to drive away, light and siren them for off-roading (only if they are actually off-roading but they likely will be) boom. Probable cause to detain and search @Samperino from what it sounds like you don’t want the main barley field to be illegal, which seems anti-productive... will this be something discussed with the people above or is it out of the question?
  3. I’m innocent until proven guilty, learn to tag people lol
  4. APD Captains are the front people of the change, but they do NOT have free reign... they consult with the CM’s and Owners to ensure the servers will remain balanced to the best of their ability
  5. Sweatpants would be nice!
  6. 1 I am a “retired” Lieutenant 2 while I do not personally like someone being singled out (except for @Tyler, he a bitch)... I am flattered by the approval of you and @Squirtle, so, it is Valentine’s Day, and I like steak and potatoes, not a huge fan of sweets so forget the chocolates xoxoxo
  7. Cops were held accountable and yet it was still abused, hence the reason for its removal
  8. If they had a gun bigger than a PO7, sounds like it’s a them problem...
  9. We currently do not have a way to compensate honor points
  10. Jake

    Teamspeak error

    This may best be answered by @Clint Beastwood I do know that message pops up for everyone, but it should NOT disconnect you... to my knowledge it is just a message saying the server needs updates is all
  11. You want a safe spawn point? Hmmmm I think I heard about places like that.... oh wait! Your houses!!! Really, if you want somewhere safe spawn at your house or a ganghouse... on a side note, if you do see a cop ignoring everything in game to simply sit there, report them
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