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  1. As unknowning as some new people may be and the abuse toxic people can use cheap ARMA for, I say let people come... people bitch saying no people join Asylum, here is our chance to catch some new people
  2. Make it a “chance” to get product, I think the gang perk has a chance to receive double coke already, I’m not entirely sure how it would pan out but I’m sure the devs/someone who knows more code than me (I can only code smoke grenades to deploy on my AI’s ass to be Red/White/Blue lol) would be able to sort something out, but like I said I think the gang perk has something similar written but it is a solid percent chance where as this would require another variable - ie: the amount of cops on duty... if I knew more code than what the devs would label as child’s play I’d try to help and become a contributor, but all I have is my opinions and suggestions to offer lol
  3. If the ability to “gather more product” via use of a multiplier system so: these are just an example base would always be 1.0 the variable C=cops 1 unprocessed coke x (1.0+(C0.127)) if 10 cops were on duty this would be 2.27 coke per successful pick 15 cops on duty would be 2.95 coke per pick I do think my number of 0.127 should be adjusted by someone who actually sees the numbers like the devs/contributors opinions? I could see this being a balance for both factions, higher risk higher reward for civs as well as more of a reason for cops to check illegal areas
  4. @bamf @Clint Beastwood Just my honest opinion as a long standing player, primarily as an APD Officer (with majority of my time being a Sergeant or Lieutenant) what Bamf said about lethal ammunition costing more: I believe this to be a good idea as the cop payout for lethal for even a max payout bounty is hardly anything, removing it wouldn’t change a thing... making the lethals cost more however would make officers (most, not all) carry less lethal ammunition, I suggest changing the script for the default loadout to not include lethals forcing APD members to purchase it if they desire to use lethals, after all (though some may argue) the APD was created for what I see as just a few reasons, to always give rebels an enemy and to give players a faction for more RP... Currently the APD that may be seen as “corrupt” dont lethal for money, they lethal out of anger or for dumb reasons... TLDR: Don’t have the script give default lethals, make lethals cost more (by more I mean something that hurts the bank if they die over and over) Hopefully this coming from someone who plays more cop than civ and a long standing player of the community this will be taken as a credible source for suggestion considering I’m not trying to “buff the APD” that people bitch about even though our “buffs” are minor and balanced
  5. Any specific gun? I haven’t seen a script failure for downing rounds for damn near over a year
  6. I would say keeping it cost efficient, look for 3ms, 60 or 144hz, as @Tyler said, if you play fast paced games like CSGO get. 144hz, where as games like Arma 60hz will do just fine, ISP vs OLED, I suggest do research on these, they both have pros and cons, some very good pros and other cons like lifespan/crispness etc... if your GPU supports G-sync consider getting a monitor with this feature.. if you have any other questions I’d be happy to help as others that know more than me so ask away
  7. @Sugarfoot this also is important, I forgot to add it in my list, but really there are many factors and the bottom like is “what are you willing to spend, and what are you looking for?”
  8. 144 hz is 144 hz either way... if you achieve 144+FPS you will have the best outcome, but even having 100 FPS with 144hz is still better than 60hz... it’s not really “bottlenecking” each other, but at the same time it is if you are understanding what I’m trying to say? It’s kindve hard to word it
  9. @Sugarfoot 144hz vs 60 hz WILL be a noticeable difference, and pricing can be different for many reasons, size for example, brand, it may be damn near the same thing through and through but certain brands are considered “better” because they have been around longer/people haven’t had issues with previous products in the past... also take into consideration the 1ms-6ms... honestly anything past 3ms is not needed, I have a 1ms mainly for bragging rights if I’m being honest, but the response time makes a huge difference, along with what resolution your monitor is, is it 1080? 4K? It depends what factors are important to you
  10. @Mitch (IFRIT) Civ: It may be difficult to pull off, but maybe talk to representatives of each faction? Talk to a few of the big gang leaders to discuss changes they would like to see, ask new or small gangs as well their thought due to age/size of gangs potentioally wanting different things (ie:rebel talent tree) I suggest no less than say 10 gangs, majority being the bigger more active gangs and maybe 2-3 small/new games Medic: honestly I find this a “starter” faction that everyone uses to ER acquainted with the game, but I do know some old players (I think Leady and maybe Bada? I don’t remember) I believe if I remember correctly both were passionate about medic role, and both being admins would be easy to contact, both have been around long enough to know what is reasonable, and I know people supported their medic opinions... again I may be wrong on who it was for sure and I find this faction to be the least likely for change due to lack of options etc Cop: inform the captains to hold an APD meeting of all ranks and have it as a “please please attend but not required” meeting, instruct the captains to pick a few LTs and maybe a couple SGts and maybe a few lower ranks to talk with you about what was discussed at said meeting, I would say have the captains represent the APD but I’m more than sure they have ideas that have/would be shot down and I think those not in the captain position would benefit from hearing if an idea is not an option/talking to you directly... sorry for the long post, I was trying to be as passionate and detailed as I could
  11. I was trying to do an encore for @Scott lol but on a serious note, not trying to bash you much, but I really do think location has something to do with it personally, I only have 20 DL speed yet when everyone was having DC issues (not denying that I had them) but I only DCd about a fifth as much as anyone I talked to... maybe my cornfield Internet is next gen? Who knows...
  12. The first and last pair are uncomfortable, I highly recommend the 2nd set
  13. Or said contributors could do whatever they want and shoot their work to devs for testing/see if it would get pushed out in a patch or not.... it’s called structure
  14. I mean I had minor issues within the last year, but since they hired someone to fix a fuck-ton of scripts I’ve had 0 issues, great connection, great frames... and majority of players from Europe? I suppose I don’t have statistics but on weekends when I’m on all day into late night I see primarily Americans/Canadians... and the occasional European... I honestly cannot see how your argument makes sense considering the shit works great for me, but as stated... either live in Europe or NA, it’s common sense what will run best due to server location