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  1. While I’m sure many as well of myself could see this as beneficial... I’m certain the reason this is NOT implemented is due to bias, someone may make a great moderator but simply may not get voted in by the community as well as someone may be “popular” and voted to become a moderator but be a toxic or simply corruptive mod.... I am not saying this would never work, but it would ALMOST never work, there would definitely need to be some checks and balances out in place to incorporate this idea
  2. Haven’t you heard? Admins are the absolute worst! blah blah blah blah blah, I can’t even meme about this sorry lol, I think people cry for the dumbest reasons and are pointing fingers when some don’t even know where to point because they don’t know the role of support/mod/admin etc lol
  3. @Akeelagi The shitter better be so clean you can eat off of it or so help me I won’t feed you AND I’ll put your dog in the pound!!!
  4. And this man is a troll, so when he’s serious he means business
  5. $6k bounty for BH is like saying “No you can not arrest someone who has committed Manslaughter ($5k) they need to do more crime” See the problem? Lol
  6. Violation of Misc.... like I said it’s a case by case basis, and I wasn’t talking about a verbal warning, just a simple “hey don’t do this anymore” violation of misc can be used for anything that doesn’t fit in any other category
  7. I thought it was called “Gang Life” not “One Man Army Life”? Hmmmm... But while I’m more cop than anything, I always personally thought it would make more sense to give Cartel Benefits until say at least 50% so the Gang with possession can utilize the perks rather than be screwed over 5-7 minutes after they leave the capping point... I do like the thought of needing to keep possession and the constant fight, so that’s why I think 50% is fair to the gang who has possession so they can utilize the perks but also come back in a timely fashion As I said I mainly play cop so I am sure this isn’t the perfect plan but just my suggestion
  8. UC is there for a purpose and as @Silver-Spy said, not everyone is Corporal+, most don’t abuse this system, the rule has always been you may stay as long as it would take a civ to “fill your vehicle” then get out, if you see a UC camping for an extended period of time or going back every 3-5 minutes report them (you must have video evidence that is solid evidence not some crappy 15 second video)... they may be told to be more aware and not be a toolbag, if they repeat it (yes the APD staff has records of offenses even if you cannot see them) then they may be diciplined in a case by case basis
  9. If you are trying to state you have a bounty (while I’m prison) then that would be intentional... If you are trying to inform us you went to jail, and upon being released you kept your bounty (script didn’t remove your bounty upon becoming free from prison) that is not intentional... if this is the case, try to call/text the police (do not spam them or you will likely be ignored) I personally would try to contact the highest ranking APD officer online as I am more than sure they have been in these situations and know how to handle them (Pardon you) all officers should do the right thing, but it’s safer to go to a senior member within the APD If this is a regular occurrence please make a video of it preferably using YouTube and report it to the developers and try to give as much information as possible so they can re-create the scenario to test it and find out what is going wrong
  10. Battering Ram? Did you happen to mean Pain-Train?
  11. If you said @DarkKnight doesn’t talk much you must be thinking of someone else, this guy can talk your ear off amirite @Tyler also, best of luck with your future endeavors and we hope to see you stop by from time to time
  12. Just my opinion, but SWAT is just a privilege granted to the APD from the Devs This being said, server performance is the most important task and number one priority at the moment, after server performance the Rebel Talent Tree is the next most important/second priority, SWAT is the last thing on the list, this coming from someone who primarily plays cop
  13. It’s okay you couldn’t remove my tag, I know secretly deep down you had a crush on me
  14. If it was a realistic suggestion fair to all factions that they have never heard before I’m sure it would be considered, but complaining won’t do a damn thing about it
  15. Wanna know why this thread was seen as not meaningful and locked? Because it was only complaints. I see minor issues with how current lethals happen (when I play, but I can’t be on 24/7) however maybe if you provided constructive criticism and OFFERED SUGGESTIONS that are fair to every faction, I’m very sure @Clint Beastwood would take your posts more seriously than just complaints, don’t complain, offer suggestions