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  1. followed by the worst feeling in the world when the server crashes mid meth run. stop shilling
  2. that feel when you are complaining about staff but in reality you are a global banned retard @bamf @Gnashes @Clint Beastwood
  3. used this about a year ago, unsure if it still works
  4. this thread will be in the graveyard by this time tomorrow but +1
  5. this would be a great montage if it was still 2014. still better than my first like 4 montages.
  6. if you think encore was better than the marshall mathers LP, kys
  7. thanks for saying whats on everyones mind
  8. dude, whats mine say
  9. dude, what about mine
  10. i get that. what i was trying to articulate is that there has to be some shared setting that all the servers that are having the problem are using thats causing it