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  1. so commander mode from bf4
  2. you dont like hitler roleplay?
  3. my first Fed with Innovative muted the audio back in the day because my mic boost was all the way up
  4. just be glad that you wont have only a p07 and quads when you get cadet.
  5. some people have accounts that are global banned and are continuing to play on alts.
  6. to see if people have global banned accounts?
  7. work mostly. gotta pay off the new car
  8. wasnt bragging, but what he did was nowhere near dpi glitching and was just showing you what dpi glitching is
  9. that wasnt dpi.. this is dpi
  10. hopefully you figured it out, if you didnt. i made a short video to guide you
  11. %APPDATA% > Local > Arma 3 > MPmissionsCache then just delete the asylum mission file or delete them all, which is what i do
  12. wheres your brother when we need him?
  13. Civics in 2017 LUL i know driving a 2006 Subaru STi isnt much better but it is marginally
  14. who let you on the internet?
  15. what can be more frustrating than trying to do a bank on 3 different servers and having them all crash.