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  1. i wish this game was playable.
  2. 2 genders. dont like it? swallow razor blades
  3. good luck with your war on the normies
  4. the problem with this is that they fail to realize their "improvements" are not working. its almost as if they dont want to admit that they are capable of making bad decisions. they would rather spend 3 months trying to jimmy rig a fix than admit they fucked up and remove it. money cap for example, they need to just completely remove it, but instead they implement something way more complicated than needed. in 2014/2015 i hated the asylum meta (30v30), but deep down every player yearns for that back
  5. before gov existed. think it was called 5.4 if im not mistaken
  7. if you want gear, just have someone fill up an a police offroad with gear, and have them drive through cocaine processing, shoot them, then sling it to your house
  8. revert back to old nvidia drivers. enjoy the free esp.
  9. i too like to run into the open and spray an orca wildly
  10. sieg
  11. not going to happen (insert stupid reason here) -devteam
  12. im retarded. i bought mine at around 2200. sold them at 3300
  13. so basically you are retarded