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  1. I want a higher up!
  2. I said the same thing... Good to see you still kicking! o7
  3. Wait... was that you trying to scam him, @L1on?? Those avatars are awfully similar...
  4. Looks like a restore has been made. Servers are still being worked on though.
  5. No stuff went down and there is no forth Captain.... Jamooze simply retired and Durga offered to step in and help. That means it's just Durga, JBDragon and myself at this time.
  6. Patch 6.9.1 is live. Closed.
  7. Patch 6.8.6 is out. Closed.
  8. Patch 6.8.5 is out. Closed.
  9. Can I get a #SnatchLocked?! Doesn't have the same ring to it...
  10. Honestly, the RP that ensued on the original Server 5 was main reason you heard so many people heartbroken when it was shutdown the first time. You'd think it would have been a major hell hole, but DHM, Jailbait, the APD, and the civs all (well most all of them) had a level of RP that just immersed you into the server. Sometimes you still get that feel in Kavala, but it is far more rare than it should be. I applaud Boris for putting his Ghillie in the closet. Pistol banging can bring so much more joy than a MK18 if you let it. Especially, if that pistol is a P07. Give it a try fam, you might just like it!
  11. I always love a good reason for this meme...
  12. Curious, why does new content have to be requested first?
  13. [Australia] Fixed a memory leak in many parts of the map, including Sydney. HYPE HYPE!!!!