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  1. Distracted* Its not all about Cartel fights ya know.
  2. Being kidnapped on cop sucks but if they don't give me decent RP its gonna suck for whoever decided to kidnap me.
  3. Incoming Captain aboose xD Congrats @Clockwerk
  4. Means they are gonna be put out on the street begging for other precincts to take them.
  5. Get well soon buddy @J. Urbanowski o7 <3
  6. Use an app for soothing noises thats what I do when I can't sleep cause my mind is racing.
  7. He does it to himself.
  8. Congrats @Mitch (IFRIT)
  9. Yeah how you feeling @Buck?
  10. Welcome to Asylum
  11. Yeah Cherokee Classic.
  12. Welcome to Asylum better carry around some water with you for awhile till the new wears off.
  13. Best duh. xD
  14. Oh yeah also yours is stock mine isn't and I paid for it with my own money.