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  1. New video?
  2. @Lucky Uh oh your done kid
  3. Also this one if you wanted one a little bigger.
  4. I love the combo scopes with the reflex on top.
  5. Atta boy
  6. *Que Dixie horn* PSST @Leady we need this horn on the strider
  7. I don't get why you keep making posts about it. Is it really so hard to just follow rules? I really don't understand why you feel the need to make post about cop stuff when your not a cop. Just stop it has no effect on you what so ever unless your a cop. Soooooo....
  8. Jeep*
  9. No whitelist perks when 3 is down
  10. Stop asking for a different map ffs its been made clear its not happening
  11. Oof why so hostile
  12. @Clint Beastwood at work like
  13. Hopefully we can get some change around here.