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  1. show me from map view please
  2. I'm looking for one bigger then that
  3. Looking to buy one on the same road as drug dealer.
  4. Lethal cap shouldn't be removed. That would just promote more lethals and less roleplay.
  5. +1 for this during breast cancer awareness month that would be badass.
  6. UC vans would be awesome. I really like the idea of SWAT vans as well but they are literally rolling propane tanks. I don't think that would be to good till they make them at least not explode when you bump them.
  7. They explode when you look at them though they are so easy to blow up.
  8. +1
  9. probably nothing
  10. you should have heard the screams
  11. You were there I just forgot to tag you
  12. When we get bored pretty much we raced the clock and made it to sofia from kaval going all the way around the loop in 9 mins
  13. So we had a race from Kavala to Sofia and we changed vehicles at the checkpoints cars were lost. @Slade Wilson @Kevin Miller @Psycosis idk anyone elses tags but all in all was a good time.