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  1. Good maybe the briefings won't get speed bombed now xD Good luck with everything o7 buddy
  2. Maybe let them spawn at athira HQ as well it's not like there isn't enough room.
  3. Here boys since you seem to follow me around find some tips
  4. Can't lay a finger if they don't have them to begin with.
  5. no balls
  6. Josh has the best reactions lol
  7. MGK Who??? I feel like Em didn't end him but he roasted and toasted him pretty good. You gotta give MGK credit though no matter what. He went after the goat and atleast pissed him off enough to come at him but I dont know if it's over on MGKs side I think he might try to fire back. It would be good publicity for MGK as long as it was a good diss. I mean the first one blew up so maybe he will go for 2. Idk I like them both. #upchurchisstillmyfav And he got to the number 1 spot on itunes with his new album Supernatural. I don't wanna hear country rap is irrelevant cause he is on fire right now.
  8. I don't understand the people who want to burn the shoes. Just donate them if you don't want to keep them. I also don't understand the people who wanna complain about America but won't leave. I mean if you hate it here that much and your gonna pitch a hissy fit and burn the flag that represents where you live then you should be packing up and getting out. This is the land of the free but honestly it's more like the land of whiney entitled babies now a days.
  9. That's one hell of a wrecking ball
  10. So about server 3... Is it fixed? @Poseidon @bamf
  11. Uh oh people are having different opinions and getting mad. Better come out with this new patch so this thread can be locked. @Poseidon
  12. Rookie mistake
  13. Can we have just a little tease? We been waiting forever please. Also good luck with the new job.