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  1. ItsLacie


    Hell yeah Merica
  2. ItsLacie

    Who's Mans Is This?

    Instant karma strikes again
  3. ItsLacie

    Birthday singing

    Happy Birthday bud
  4. ItsLacie

    Asylum Announcement

    Welp OG P3 will live on
  5. ItsLacie

    Happy Veterans Day!

    Happy veterans day o7 thanks for doing what most can't or won't do. Much respect for all those who have served in this community and beyond. Thank you for you service.
  6. ItsLacie

    Curb Your Guidebook

    LOL him actually a cop? Good one Spoon.
  7. ItsLacie

    DS Randy lol

    Karmas a bitch huh?
  8. ItsLacie

    Server 2 40k South Rebel

    Would be good for a gang house for sure
  9. ItsLacie

    Server 2 40k South Rebel

    Server: 2 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: House House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 40k Location (Town/DP#): South rebel Asking Price: Offers? Description: 408m away from rebel but you do have to walk up the hill its the small white Pictures/Video Walk-through:
  10. ItsLacie

    Friday Night Fights

    I got a 40k spawn house 408m away if any gangs would be interested
  11. ItsLacie

    Server Rule Change

    Good maybe the briefings won't get speed bombed now xD Good luck with everything o7 buddy
  12. Maybe let them spawn at athira HQ as well it's not like there isn't enough room.
  13. ItsLacie

    APDtage #2

    Here boys since you seem to follow me around find some tips