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  1. What about apple picking tho?
  2. Where is my pitchfork
  3. great work!
  4. Used to be a real slim shady now he is a real liberal cuck social justice warrior.
  5. I imagine ARMA 3 to go free to play eventually they will need to address the falling playerbase and going free to play with paid DLCs will be the solution to bring some players in.
  6. well Bohemia kinda killed that for these communities since you can't really make any money anymore to support a developer etc
  7. always with the scoops!
  8. arma 3 is dead homie whachu mean? Not much you can do when Arma 3 loses 10% of players a month. Asylum servers are 2.5% of All of Arma 3
  9. Bring the prison back to Kavala and all servers will be full.
  10. 10k for hostage or so. For LT maybe 20k and Captain you can ask maybe 50-100k
  11. Just be careful every time I tried something like that I never saw my HEMTTs again
  12. Don't worry I am not negative, I just did the previous Gang Wars and these are the problems we encountered.
  13. but you know how it is one guy is in the bathroom, another guy relogging, another guy grabbing water etc
  14. yea forget about best of 3 it just takes way too long best of 1 up until the final I say.
  15. last time it was really hard to get everyone together jsut heads up