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  1. Focus on cardio while maintaining some lifting. I would say shoot for more protein to help you maintain muscle mass while you cut. Lifting should keep your metabolism up once you put off some weight. Once you cut, lower cardio and increase lifting
  2. Its not realistic to expect gangs to budget thier loadouts and risk losing cartels, banks, etc because of it. Lower cost of 7.62's and armor, but also lower the cost of lower caliber weapons to maintain the appeal of cheaper guns. People want to spend more time fighting and less time making money.
  3. I agree. Bring back insurance, let people blow shit up and have fun. Revert bullshit responsibility council to cm. Shift less focus from game economy, make bounty hunters less relevant to leave more action for cops.
  4. You'll be asking for 7.62 downing guns soon enough...
  5. call them the admin police
  6. He's a co-owner lol, he can't add everything that he wants
  7. +1 for Smirnoff!
  8. Come to Louisiana for crawfish
  9. Can we actually make that happen please. Dedicated people.
  10. everything about that is 100% true.
  11. Make being a medic far more lucrative as well.
  12. The idea of implementing drug labs in houses has been brought up many times but I've got a concept that could work. We add a system that keeps track of how many hours a gang holds cartels for. Once said gang gets enough hours, they have the ability to purchase a drug processing machine (it would look like the scrap metal processor in the prison) which would cost shitloads of money, at least 800-900k. The gang leader can only place the machine in a larger house, maybe sheds only. The machine allows anyone in the gang to put ingredients inside of it and it processes the drugs like scotch barrels over a few restarts. It automatically sells it and transfers the money into the gang account. There can only be one processor per gang, and in order to keep the machine the gang has to meet a certain amount of cartel hours per week/month. Could also establish a limit as to how many drugs the machine can process per restart. The market demand system can balance the amount of drugs that gangs are processing, but that could make it harder on noobies to make more profit. Not sure on this. Another balance point could be to add a raid option for drug labs that allow apd higher ups to initiate a raid per certain amount of restarts that gives officers one life to seize the drug machine and receive big payouts for seizing ingredients. Gangs would have to be careful about keeping their lab location secret; the gang leader can pack up the machine at any time and transfer it to another house if need be, but any processing ingredients would be destroyed. I'm not sure how much this would hamper server memory, but it would be cool as hell. Lemme know if this is a feasible idea and if so what tweaks it needs.
  13. @Will Not going to lie, everytime I see some Lt get admin I roll my eyes and think "He will be a mod and pretty much hit the chill out button when getting admin". Wrong. This guy has happy to help me out on several occasions and he is overall great at what he does. Works his ass off around here. This guy is in for the long haul and that's what I like to see.
  14. Cops don't like to give out gear often because it only means they will get kidnapped for it more often.