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    o7 bro. Things just ain't on the upswing for our community. Enjoy whatever you enjoy doing, and stay a fun person. Best wishes, A dusty boi
  2. We got a guild with a decent number of Asylum peeps veterans and noobs alike. See if you like it, if not, don't buy another month.
  3. It took 3 hours to que in at 6000 for reference. Big sad. EDIT: on a medium pop server (Gromulus)
  4. I've started a guild for WoW classic which is now about 3 hours from release. We're on Gromulus - RP/PvP server - Alliance We're going to complete all content, dungeons, raiding, etc. World PvP, maybe start devilsaur mafia? Fun events. RP-PvP promotes events based around World PvP and shit too. Really fun stuff ahead. Also normal PvP premades etc. Attitude of the Guild: Relaxing, "casual-core" as I describe it. Not going to be yelled at or forced to do anything. It's all volunteer, want-to-be-here type mentality. We are planning to complete ALL content though, hopefully at a reasonable pace, though it will be our own pace. Guild Leaders: @DonDurka & myself. Lots of Asylum people already involved: Slade, Lucien, Nick (SGT), Tyler (retired SGT), Wolf (SGT), KrazyKnight, Jafar Ragnar, etc. Open and friendly to anyone. Invite your friends, we implore you to. Come enjoy one of the most revolutionary games in the industry from it's vanilla version again. Please message myself or DonDurka for an invite. Or you can post a reply here and I'll throw you one. Hope your days are all well.
  5. BHers are lame. There are games like Rainbow Six where characters you can grind out and pay REAL MONEY for get removed temporarily (months) to be "fixed." The fact that the few people, "earned and wanna keep their honor," isn't a good argument for the overall health of the community. All BH makes people do is get sent to jail, log off, and not want to play anyways? Literally detrimental to the health of the game because they can follow you literally anywhere, send a text, shoot you, never even press a talk key, blindfold you, jail you. Exciting. I was close to getting Apex Predator too (farmed out a long time ago, haven't BH recently). BH can be fun for one person, and absolute shit for someone (anyone) else. I used to pickup rebels fighting cartels as BH at donor. Send em to jail right there too. How fun is that? Not very.
  6. Can you go away? Right now on these forums you're the type of unwanted ape that walks into a room where people are standing around talking and they all stop and get quiet while staring at you, hoping you'll disappear. If you don't like the server improvements and aren't playing like you've said numerous times, can you fuck off then? The only constructive thing that came out of you ever was... Oh shit... Nothing. lmfao.
  7. It's pretty good money now. Got a significant buff.
  8. Honestly I've never thought of making a collage. I have some pretty hilarious ideas in my head rn.
  9. I mean, I'm open to change, might wanna wait until there isn't 24 cops against you though. Hard to judge the balance of anything with numbers like that...
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