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  1. I mean sure, but we're not talking about top level csgo gameplay, we're talking about arma. There isn't nearly the same market for hacks, especially hacks that are hard to detect in a competitive environment. That being said in Pubg/csgo you only play with the same people for a limited amount of time, not every day for hours.
  2. I understand that perfectly well. As other people with game knowledge/experience that is relatively high suspicious game-play become more suspicious, not less. To use your example, I imagine if shroud was playing with a hacker he would be able to tell pretty quickly.
  3. Cheaters have tried to play with us before. It's obvious even when they're trying to hide it. A single weird call out or slip up/happen to be watching the places people flanking from rather than where they are most likely to be or where your gang mates are calling people out at/head locking on people/ext. as well as weird good shots. Any gang with hackers banned from them, esp. prominent members of the gang, most likely knew they were hacking. Yet they still try talk shit what a joke.
  4. Flaming and drunk squad hate only in this thread please Thx
  5. Daddy shark dodo
  6. 800k
  7. 500k
  8. Does this include drug runner, scotch/spirit stuff and black market crafting?
  9. Highlight at 6:41 (and 0:10 when he kills me as I get revived )
  10. My favorite part is that you literally came back from being afk to us 5 man rpging HQ tower
  11. 10/10 Best role-play I've seen today
  12. Off to a good start @DS_Billy