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  1. 10/10 Best role-play I've seen today
  2. Off to a good start @DS_Billy
  3. Your mlg airhorn spray control follows a glitched sprite as someone gets out of a car 2:48 lol
  4. Upload 5 minutes solid of any of the videos you took these clips from.
  5. It's not even pulldowns, it's toggle aimbot with no overlay so he can go on the forums and pretend to be good. @idiots, no special no mousepad setup causes your mouse to blink around (go figure only blinks onto targets never off of them) only when holding your mousebutton down
  6. lmao bravo
  7. So the time you left your orca at cartel to steal mine. I let you sit there thinking we were camping the chop shops while you were talking ridiculous amounts of shit in side chat, frightening you into blowing mine up while flew back and chopped yours. Never replied to your side chat bs, thought it was more funny that way. Didn't think you'd upload it to the forums still thinking you won lmfao
  8. 250k for garage closest to factory
  10. More phone calls would be cool, when servers are full I've often not been able to make calls due to them all being used. I'm not sure that side chat would need to be changed, now that there is no more voice over it i don't think too many people would care to mute it. (I could be wrong though, who knows).
  11. So there would be more channels available for phone calls, ext.? That would be cool. I have never seen/heard of anyone use the radios.
  12. How would this be abused? The police would have to turn their own cash into dirty money.
  13. The more higher your demands the more likely it is that cops don't adhere to them and instead show up guns blazing, like they currently almost always do when demanding money due to the fact that they will usually lose it even if they save the hostage(s) and catch all the criminal(s) (doesn't help that they sometimes unconcerned with the hostages life). When initiating hostage situations, most people are trying to spark RP anyways, not profit. Also it very well could be standard practice to always give dirty money for such situations if this is implemented as it would make a lot of sense that you would have to clean money that you are getting from the police to avoid tracking/frozen bank accounts/whatever.
  14. Cops should be able to convert cash into dirty money. This would allow cops to pay out ransom money/ext. with much more RP involved because the civilians would have to then transport it to a rebel base, rather than immediately deposit into an ATM. If the APD is able to recover the money if they eventually apprehend the suspects (give the searching officer 100% of the dirty money back as cash?) it would also give more incentive for them to participate.