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  1. If you have the Master Bounty Hunter talent unlocked, and then purchase a Rebel Licence, you are unable to unlearn the Master Bounty Hunter talent or it's prerequisites (Gives you must unlearn Rebel Talent error, even though rebel talent no longer exists). Purchasing a bounty hunter licence (removing rebel licence) required to unlearn the talent.
  2. Players within turf range will not be counted towards total players within turf (and therefor will not show as a +1 on players in turf for the gang that owns it) if they are in a vehicle. Noticed this tonight and had several members of our gang enter a vehicle and watched the number shown on map decrease for each one (to test it once we realized what was going on), as well as not show APD faction players as +1's for turf population until they exited their vehicle(s).
  3. With heroin no longer spawning on the west side of the map this would be a good update to buff it a little
  5. Yeah I'm so glad cops got nerfed so heavily, I can finally refuel my orcas when they're empty instead of selling them to the garage!
  6. So it's 'by far the worst' addition for cops. God forbid a QoL update slightly favors rebels.
  7. There are not enough airports to have it separate from drug running. You could possibly share airports by having the dp npc on the opposite side and keep the drug running red zone confined to their immediate area.
  8. Recent account wipes opened up some Pygros houses on server 3 All 3 houses listed in market for 350k (first come first serve) Good for ephedra/meth Server: 3 House 112k Location (Town/DP#): Pyrgos (top in sc) Asking Price: 350k Server: 3 House 112k Location (Town/DP#): Pyrgos (bottom in sc) Asking Price: 350k Server: 3 House 112k Location (Town/DP#): Pyrgos (left in sc) Asking Price: 350k
  9. just making it legible for people on other themes
  10. This is something that I feel also applies to locking topics, which is more along the lines of censoring discussion. When an admin+ feels like a topic has been addressed, they often close a thread. Sometimes this is necessary for detrimental topics, but sometimes all it does is stop discussion (or even cause confusion, such as when the admin misunderstands someone's question) and leaves no room for clarification
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