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  1. 2m listed already comes with 485 15 year scotch 1 redgull away (800m) from drug runner (Garage/Heli garage) 1.6km from distillery remote/out of high traffic areas/abdera ext right between LSD and Athira
  2. I'd take a physical disability over a mental one any day
  3. Didn't realize you were a fan
  4. Dumb idea, Ifrits should never cost more than 1.5x a loadout. They should really add more vehicle garages on the map and more ways to share keys with garages so people can pull one within 200m of any house. Also, increase the vehicle cap so people can get back into the fight in case the other 50 ifrits they pulled have not despawned yet.
  5. Sorry for triggering you, is it better now?
  6. Tried it out briefly, noticed a couple things The asylum exchange UI seems Only tried browsing listed items and it was bad. To see any physical item for sale I have to scroll through every color/type of hat, backpack, vest, smoke grenade ,gun type, ext (99% of them have none listed for sale) to select an item I would like to purchase then see if it has any listings/prices/ext. Some quests are confusing ("drop 300 bounties, 50 times", "Each DP mission will pay an additional 10% + 5 Gold Nuggets" might be confusing to some). Could we get more info on seasons? How long they're expected to be, if any rewards/ext carry over or all wiped/changed, ext? Certain groups/activities get significant buffs over others (for example bounty hunters get buffs to almost every mechanic they have for simple/passively achieved quests while cops get minor money bonuses for 3 things) which might be intended I guess but IMO would be cool to see more variety Overall very cool update
  7. Recreating a thread within minutes of posting it... wtf do you think he was doing, trying to snipe the newest topic traffic from himself? Good luck with recruitment.
  8. TOGGLEABLE SCROLL WHEEL OPTION? BINDABLE HOTKEY? Please. If changed remember to keep functionality otherwise you're just trading 1 thing for another (FACing others, FACing while prone)
  9. Shouldn't be added unless able to be chopped (claimed) by civs. There should be risks associated with losing a special vehicle so if you are pulling it out and losing/abandoning it haphazardly you can face the consequences of it being driven to a chop shop at 108 km/h and claimed. Civs being able to lockpick it and use it until server restart would just be meh. Give all cops an active tracker when a captain pulls it out if needed, though a good captain with a tracker on his vehicle should be able to direct his forces appropriately.
  10. Why are players that don't speak English allowed on an English-speaking roleplay server? Best case they send translated messages like "Hands up be fired" over text to speech, worst case I'm being RDMed by someone that paid 1.75 USD (current retail price) for a game license and doesn't understand/give a damn about the rules and will never be caught ban evading as they don't talk/can't be recognized
  11. Server: One Type: Two 70k (2,000 Virtual, 500 Physical) houses Description: They are 90m from truck shop, 100m from courthouse. Good house if you want a Kavala storage&garage spawn outside of square or for quick spawning and saving friends from bounty hunters and cops. Location (Town/DP#): Kavala Buy now (quick sale, listed on market): 335,000 (further house), 350,000 (closer house) Otherwise, post or message offer
  12. Every player is named "any"
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