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  1. why wasting time tagging someone who does not exist?
  2. Cool. Asylum is so fun!
  3. What if you had to deal with something in between? And after you deal with it and make it to rebel you had only 1 minute?
  4. Thats nice idea! Zaros should have a chop shop, Rodopoli the Drug Dealer and Panagia a black market. Now all makes sense!
  5. 8.0 is a lie
  6. Thats the best question in the universe.
  7. I am going to disown you from the Latin kings family and the puertorican blood.
  8. Wow nice review you should be working with IGN
  9. best player on arma 3
  10. hey marzo u look like a 16 year old
  11. And i am supporting and saying that developers should actually listen to the community, are u blind? Thats why u make a post right? To get players support and actually make the developers to do something about it?
  12. Did i quote you in that post or even tagged you? No? Thanks.
  13. I understand how coding works (I am currently developing a 2D Top down roguelike game on Java using libgdx , and i programmed my own editor to help me create the maps faster and easier plus tons of hours working with assets even that i bought majority of them from other artist) I know the frustration on the game development field. I could easily learn the scripting language to code on arma 3 asylum servers. But thats a job that requires pay because you are dedicating your time and knowledge into someone else project (not yours). And I fully understand thay almost every suggestion for a new feature musy be carefully analized before implemented. But most suggestion here do not involve much coding. Like changing prison from x to y location or changing a cartel location etc. Because in the end people want to play and enjoy the game.
  14. hi
  15. actually there are a few worthly, the thing is who will take their time to code and develop those ideas and put them in game? Also suggestions as simple as change the prison because NO ONE does prison anymore on the new location, and they still ignore it because paratus do not like it there. Who cares if paratus do not like it there? He is not the one doing the prison, the cops and players are the one who plays a lot and want things different to enjoy more the game, not the developers. Prison Break is no longer a feature in asylum servers anymore, that shit still broken.