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  1. Ahhh yes. The Pain Train. I forget...was it more pain for the citizens or the officers in the heli? Was always fun regardless
  2. Rofl....where is @HapHazard when you need a good Hap lock!?! Oh what times we are in...
  3. What up Asylum!! Been almost 2 years since I Swung by forums to see what was going on and still saw a lot of my old-school pals and nemesis still hanging around. Shout out to @Robbo @Rodrigo @Survivalizer @Bikstok @Destrah @Painbringa112 @Snatch @Mako @Vash @Tanner @Zoex @Buckwalter @Leviathan @Ranger @Outlander @Jason @Beenie And many more. My brain just hurts trying to recall them all. I think I may jump on a bit and see how bad I've become and just how long it takes before the 1000 keyboard commands needed to step over a fence in Arma overtake me! Hit me up if you guys still play regularly, you can help catch me up to speed. Also, hello to all the new players and Kavala trolls!
  4. If the APD is still anything like it was when i dont need 30 mags and 15 FAKs....they die so often
  5. APD backpacks was soooooo 2014.....they got rid of em.
  6. Just one picture with me in it....that is all i wanted
  7. Pro cop. Promote this MFer now! P4 Best P
  8. Reinforced vehicles give them extra life when chopped? Sounds like to me they should give extra cash to the chopper
  9. The best part is when your vote doesnt really count #electorialcollegefail
  10. 15seconds if im in the area with a lockpick.
  11. Me, ill sell you one for $75 USD. Ill link my bitcoin acct l8er.
  12. Pretty confident Ronald Spiffington would crash an orca into the crowd of you and FSA (ISIS) would claim responsibilty....before they realized it was just a bunch of tweeker kids that got hit. Than they would be ashamed
  13. This thread.....went full retard. You never go full retard.
  14. Duuuuuude. This guy must not have been around when you had to bring up your backpack EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU USE A PICK!! Be happy you got a scroll wheel now
  15. No one likes "Like-whores"