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  1. Just buy the A7R II instead
  2. Just make a MSN group chat room!
  3. Think I saw @Daniel The Low Tier on Olympus once
  4. Have you ever had any administrative action taken against you? If so what?
  5. Heey, have you heard about the new sidechat filter they added?
  6. die xd
  7. sfaka house?
  8. Credit to @explicit
  9. Not only is the frames bad, the computer sometimes broke so you can't actually do the prison break. You can't go up on the roofs or run away from it either because you get tp'd back in front of the barracks building aswell. The prison by air hq was fine, I get that people wanted to have an island and try to quick peak people but the new prison is figurately unplayable right now! Just move it back to the old island or air hq, just removed all the cluster of rocks that makes your FPS die, also most people don't have beast PC's.
  10. Ehm ofc?! I choose it deliberately!
  11. I don't get it....
  12. We also asked that....
  13. Still don't see how it blew up... @Budbringer
  14. PERMED